Time For Adjustment

Sometimes a work of art
Is, “on the way”
We are inspired
Sometimes we know not, by what
It seems like a forest spirit

Hiding behind the trees
We get a glimpse
It disappears
There is an air of expectation

Like the first “feel” of fall
A change in the air
The mornings a little cooler
Leaves cover the ground

We do all that we can
All that we know how to do
It is time for adjustment
This can take five minutes
….to a lifetime


August 16, 2018



4 thoughts on “Time for Adjustment/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. Five minutes to a lifetime….this is true! Time for adjustment, for certain, both to autumn’s arrival, and the way we live on the planet. Loved this, my friend.

  2. I love this! ❤ Sometimes inspiration stands right in front of us and we merely need but extend our hand 😊

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