School Began in the Autumn/imaginary gardens with real toads autumn

School Began in The Autumn

You speak of autumn
To me it used to mean
School would begin…again
As a small child

I remember the wooden floors
And the wood chips the janitor
Would sprinkle on the floors

That had a very strong smell
I think it cleaned and oiled
The floors as he swept
The tall windows
With the sun shining through

The tops of the polished desks
With the initials of other students
Reflecting the sun
Filling the room with cheery light

The ceilings were tall
And the teacher would put up
Posters and letters of the alphabet
All the way to the top of the room

I remember pictures of caravans
Camels and sand dunes
Children at play
Hop Scotch and marbles

I especially remember a story
The teacher read one day
It was a story about a little Eskimo boy
Who lived with his Grand Mother

An amazing story
A different world
Of ice and snow
To a little girl on the Texas gulf coast
Where snow was unknown

August 28, 2018













The World is a Place of Neverland/the sunday whirl #365 — poets united poets pantry

The World is a Place of Neverland

The ham smokes on the back of the pit
The hide will be used for clothing
The green mist comes in
The weather changing

Green rolling hills become
Warm colors
Yellow, orange, red
As found on the color wheel

Seasons go through their changes
Coyote howls at the Harvest Moon
He speaks in tongues
That have no meaning for us
So much we don’t understand

We stare into the darkness
Try to define the mysteries
Stories from long ago
Passed down through the years

The world is a place
Of “neverland”
Riding the tides
Of its own choosing

August 26, 2018

Wordle #365


Note:  I am thinking the world is “never” as we would like it to be.  No one ever asks us, “How would you like things to be.”  Wishes never granted.  What is unexpected seems to always happen.   This “Neverland” is full of surprises.

Memories of the Best Meals and Friendships Remembered…and Forgotten /imaginary gardens with real toads

Memories of The Best Meals and Friendships Remembered… and Forgotten

We shared together
Last night’s
Chinese take-out
It was early fall
We sat in the back
Of your blue van
Now you are gone
Memories of
Fun days of yesteryear
But not forgotten

Another night…
The best meal I ever ate
Though I have forgotten
The food we shared
We made a promise
We would all meet
Same place
Same time
The date purposed
Now forgotten


August 25, 2018


The Song of Scattering Poems/imaginary gardens with real toads

The Song of Scattering Poems

“in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems”       E.E. Cummings

The hour late
Music floats through the
Of the broken heart

The tenant downstairs
Plays the piano
I am reminded of Paris
“In the street of the sky night

Walks scattering poems”
The same stars shine in
As fingers touch the keys

Stars appear
On the sheet music
Instead of

A choir sings the song
Of scattering poems
The hour late
Music floats through the

Window of the broken


August 23, 2018








My World is a Beautiful Place/poets united midweek motif – The world is a beautiful place

My World is a Beautiful Place

My world is a beautiful place
All that I see around me
Takes my breath away
Mountains, streams

A dazzling blue New Mexico sky
A 360-degree abstraction
The labyrinth of sage brush
On the sandy soil of the mesa

Like rolling waves out to sea
The cactus adorned with spikes
Or lovely pink or yellow flowers
Everything in the desert

Has stickers or will bite you
Each has its own protection
It isn’t easy to live in the desert
As with most other things in life

You have to really want to
A striped lizard
Might suddenly appear
Or birds of every kind

Fill the air with flight
Or they just might
Land right next to you
Each day a new canvas

The sun rises to light the splendor
Radiates through the day
Closes the day
With colorful sunset

Red, gold, silver, purple
There is no end
To the visual delight
That is the world

August 23, 2018















Time for Adjustment/imaginary gardens with real toads


Time For Adjustment

Sometimes a work of art
Is, “on the way”
We are inspired
Sometimes we know not, by what
It seems like a forest spirit

Hiding behind the trees
We get a glimpse
It disappears
There is an air of expectation

Like the first “feel” of fall
A change in the air
The mornings a little cooler
Leaves cover the ground

We do all that we can
All that we know how to do
It is time for adjustment
This can take five minutes
….to a lifetime


August 16, 2018



The Tin Man Seeks a New Heart/dVerse

The Tin Man Seeks a New Heart

Like the Fool
I take the first step
On the yellow brick road
In search of happiness

I am the Tin Man
My heart is broken
And lost from me
I seek another

My breaths are deep
In my empty chest
Can I love another
Without a heart

Which is better
To have given love freely
Or to have received love so
I study the questions as I rust

During my journey
I will be given many hearts
I have an idea about the heart I seek
I will not recognize the heart given to me


August 22, 2018





Alone in the Desert/the sunday whirl — wordle 365/ poets united poets pantry

Alone in The Desert/the sunday whirl — wordle 365/ poets united poets pantry

_DSC2708.jpg  Taos Valley, New Mexico  22"x30"  gouache on w/c paper

Alone in The Desert

He hikes the dry
Dusty trail
The unrelenting sun
Stares down at him

He follows the path
Into the gorge
Down to the river
All is green
Ten degrees cooler
In the misty shade
In the distance are
Remembered smoke signal
Hanging in the purple sky
From years past
Full of mysteries
Never spoke
The coyote howls
In the early evening
Speaks in tongues
Unknown to man
Terror rolls through him
He hides
The natural world reaches for him
He doesn’t know the meanings
He thinks
He is alone in the desert



August 19, 2018