WATER/Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads


Water was not always a concern
It seems to be everywhere
We went to the gulf to play
Float on the river
In inner tubes

As you approached
The grass frosted wet
Calm and peaceful
Splash and laughter

Play on the pier all day
Fish and swim
Jump and splash
There was no concern
For the water
And of course no thought
There would ever be a shortage

Wars over water
Clean fresh water to drink
But there were some who knew
In the west
Where the water
Didn’t run free
There never really was enough

We see now
We see into the future
Our lives have been
Lives of waste
Dumping our waste
Into someone else’s water
Spoiling what was drinkable

May 1, 2018


WHAT IS TRUTH AFTER ALL?/Poets United — Midweek Motif/Truth


What is truth after all?

How do we recognize it?

Isn’t it all relative?

What is true for you

And what is true for me

May be different


I know you say

That cannot be

And yet

Two people

Give their truth

About what happened


And you would swear

They were in different places

At different times

Can I reveal a truth

That is not favorable to me?

Can you?


Perhaps there is no one thing

That we can call truth

That we can all agree on

So in this moment

I will honor your truth

And hope you will honor mine


We look into each other’s eyes

And we say nice things

Things easy to be heard

Do I question what you say?

Do I question the glow of the moon?

Do I question what my heart feels?

That is my truth all day long

May 30, 2018