May 28, 2013 Man of Sorrow





Man of Sorrow

Known by different names

An innocent was he

The world weighted heavy

Tried to balance it

On his broad shoulders

Like an explorer

He lived in his own

World of sadness

He studied it like a student

Under a magnifying glass

He discovered its’ secrets

He was an expert

On the subject

It hung around him

Like smoke

Began near the floor

Crept along the baseboards

Filled the room

Choked the breath

Yet sometimes he would

Flash a shy smile

Show his dimple

To his Mother’s delight

In an instant Like a blanket

Tossed and spread

Sadness returned

Buried him before
He was dead

When seen on the road

He was more down cast

Than his own shadow

Man of sorrow

He tried to “take it like a man”

(His Father’s words)

But he was sucked

Beneath the waves

An undertow

It seemed the clock was broken

The hour came too soon

No one can say for sure

What happened next

He went away

Off the path

More than

He could endure

Died of sadness

An extreme case

Lonely man indeed

Note:  Sorting through pictures, so reminded me of happier days.  It is hard to believe the “big bear” no longer walks among us.

May 26, 2013 Wordle :


naked, sylph, underground, depart, light, somatic, passing, tather, entice, seamless


She a naked sylph

Tathered for too long

Held against her will

Althought not underground

She was buried alive

No one passing by suspected

No one knew

No one saw

The light under the door

Should have been the clue

She lived a life

Of seamless horror

One of restraints and crulty

Every somatic pain was hers

She longed for freedom

For home

It was not

Her intention to entice

If the captor

Let down his guard

She would depart

And one day

That very thing happened

After ten long years

She was free!

May 25, 2013 Sunday Whirl and Poets United

Prompt: beam, anchor, shift, close, heart, phrase,
range, connect, current, fertile, layers, yield

The open range
Atop the mesa
Dropped anchor
Grew root
Buried my heart
In less than fertile ground
Deep in layers of caliche
No harvest yield expected

The wind’s current
Scours the landscape
As my heart grew in the land
The land grew in me
Sunbeams shine
Most everyday
The phrase
“A sunny day is a happy day”
Becomes a question
As there is a close connection
Between drying and dying
All that lives needs water


Poets United

Verse First ~ The Wild Truth

Journey to a Wild Truth

Truth that elusive thing

Hiding right in front of my face

Out of site

Hard to hold

Hard to know

It changes


Won’t hold still

Is only for one’s self

Can never know for another

What is true

What is not

Often what is not true

Is the truest thing

I know

May 18, 2013 Sunday Whirl #109

Prompt: nebulous, bleak, cut, vision, timing, touch, hover
crush, opaque, blazing, torch, slab, breath

The Tide Changes

I lie on my slab

My breath shallow

Like the water

At low tide

Pink sand between

My fingers

I rise

The world nebulous

Nothing clear

Out of focus

All is bleak

Dark clouds hover above

Someone says, “cut!”

Like the filming of a movie

My vision clears

No longer opaque

The timing will be measured

By the sundial in the yard

My fingers touch the cold metal

The sun appears

A blazing torch

Burns away melancholy

Crushes dark mood

The tide is coming in

Waves crash on shore

Children scream with delight


A High School Crush

The sky an opaque

Chrystal shimmering

Casting sunlight

Shadows hovering

Blue on sand

The constant breeze

Now breathless

Quiet and still

Stone slabs in the court

Hot to the touch

Under the blazing desert sun

Timing is everything

You a bleak horseman

Dressed in black

A vision lit by torch

From an old notebook

Poems of love

A nebulous affair

Also hot to the touch

A woman

With a high school crush

May 16, 2013 We Write Poems

Prompt: Write apiece about the body.

Body and Soul

We are in the body
We are the body
We act the body
With eyes

But what of feeling
The body feels

Of the deeper feeling
We are soul

We create
We sooth
We heal
We are soul

Not one or the other
We are all one
You and me
And one with
All that we see

#156: Prompt Dark and Gloomy

Dark and Gloomy
Sometimes it is true
Things don’t work out
A hole it torn
Paint is spilled
All is dark
Our mood gloomy
But in the morning
The sun rises
We begin again

May 11, 2013 Sunday Wordle #108 and Real Toads

Prompt: mouth, vow, drone, space, chants, sun,

binding, crook, circling, broken, cave, fist


(Image from the internet)

First Woman

In the speed of light

Words spill from her mouth

Chants form and

Are heard as she drones

Circling around her

Caught in the crooks of trees

Where they hang

Limp and lifeless

Old time broken

Emerge from the cave

Vows uttered below her breath

The rising sun illuminates

Bindings drawn tight

Hands clenched into fists


She claims full rights

As a human


Prompt: At Real Toads__ Violet.


Today the 12th of May

I have chosen blue

Pure blue

Ultramarine blue


With small additions of purple

I shall see

The blue turn to blue violet

To violet

Mystery in its’ color

A tale of morning sky


And sorrow


Cowboys ride below

Sailors sail upon

Singing shanty songs

Little girls with ribbons

In their hair

Flying behnd

Aviators fly above

Violet all around


Picking blackberries

With my Grandmother

Violet stains on my dress

And finger tips

Dripping from my lips

Tempting snakes

Memories abound