Prompt: nebulous, bleak, cut, vision, timing, touch, hover
crush, opaque, blazing, torch, slab, breath

The Tide Changes

I lie on my slab

My breath shallow

Like the water

At low tide

Pink sand between

My fingers

I rise

The world nebulous

Nothing clear

Out of focus

All is bleak

Dark clouds hover above

Someone says, “cut!”

Like the filming of a movie

My vision clears

No longer opaque

The timing will be measured

By the sundial in the yard

My fingers touch the cold metal

The sun appears

A blazing torch

Burns away melancholy

Crushes dark mood

The tide is coming in

Waves crash on shore

Children scream with delight


A High School Crush

The sky an opaque

Chrystal shimmering

Casting sunlight

Shadows hovering

Blue on sand

The constant breeze

Now breathless

Quiet and still

Stone slabs in the court

Hot to the touch

Under the blazing desert sun

Timing is everything

You a bleak horseman

Dressed in black

A vision lit by torch

From an old notebook

Poems of love

A nebulous affair

Also hot to the touch

A woman

With a high school crush

11 thoughts on “May 18, 2013 Sunday Whirl #109

  1. whew…things were looking bleak in that first one…glad the screams were ones of delight….haha….got to watch those old poems, hot to the touch as well…the dark rider though, that def will cool things…

  2. This is a real sweep of senses…touch..sound..cold..the slab couldn’t help but seem like a body laid to rest..but then the children..and life renewed..i guess that is the which we all belong..even though we may feel it in very different ways..

  3. Dreaming on the beach half asleep and the world becomes a fantasy…been there done that! The second however I am sure we all remember the passion of the high school crush…there were so many of them! Loved both pieces very much.

  4. Jaw-dropping it is just so gorgeous there are no words. I was not able to access your link at The Sunday Whirl just came to your site on my own in search of it but I hate anyone to miss this piece

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