Thunderous Pulsing
Time marches on
Spit in the wind
Send messages to the ancestors
Count the number of days
Which slip from my purse
You thought it was
Safe in a thousand ways
Steam raises from the
The soup in the red dish
In front of you
Dressing to reveal your charm
Pulsing red and blue
Time marches on



deVerse:  Prompt Fairytales, Myths and Folktales




Color Vocabulary Based on Children’s Stories

An artist could create a visual vocabulary
Of color based on folktales, myths, and fairytales
Take the color from the stories
And when that color is used
The viewer would know
The artist is talking
About lessons learned
For example:
White from Snow White
Red and White stripes from the Cat in the Hat
Green from Peter Pan
Black from Dracula
Silver from the wolf and pink from the Three Little Pigs
Golden from Rapunzel
Sienna from Billy Goat Gruff
Grey and black from Briar Rabbit and the Tar Baby
The glass slippers of Cinderella
Not a color, but any color used transparently
Rusty red from Chicken Little
Purple of the plum of Tom Thumb
Or the artist could make his own designations
Blue and Green for the woodsman’s tunic
Royal colors of purple and red for Kings, Queens and Princes
Expand the meaning and the charm
Tie it all to children’s stories


Note:  Image of sketchbook to show how an artist might create this vocabulary.

11 thoughts on “May 5, 2013 Sunday Whirl #107 and deVerse

  1. time def slips on ahead of us…watching time to that is not fun at all…particularly if you are trying to sleep…smiles…we always seem to be waiting on something…

  2. both are very good. love the rapid pacing to the first piece. And the exploration into colors in the second piece is outstanding. Very nicely done. thanks

  3. Excellent use of the wordle words! I love seeing where the words take each poet–almost always to unexpected places.

  4. nice…came back for the second part…i think in many ways we as writers and poets do create our own mythology…our own sybmbolism…and i like your choice to use colors in it as well…

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