Sunday July 31, 2011 A River of Stones/ Sunday Whirl /Sunday Scribblings

A River of Stones

A River of Stones: One daily observation.

A Rainbow "Ball"

Late in the afternoon, a rainbow “ball” forms over the mountains.  Rainbows always make me feel hopeful.  The end of the month of July, hot summer’s breath.  The future promises promises a new day ahead!


Sunday Whirl #15 Weekly Wordle

Weekly Wordle

Artist’s Journey

New Images form

Sounds of chains rattle

And jangle in the hall

Fear pierces the vision

Voices whisper holy inspiration

Ideas splinter

And multiply like weeds

No fortress for protection

The train continues

Clickiety, clack

Clickiety, clack


Prompt #278: Standing Ovation

Sunday Scribblings

Standing Ovation

Is this it

What we’ve worked so hard for

Fifteen minutes of fame

The light go out

All is dark

The applause has stopped

And still I stand

Waiting for what

A little girl again

I wait for the white pararie dog

But he also waits

There is no way off the stage

Lost as the tiny quail baby

Lost from his mother

Now an old woman

I turn and look at the path

That brought me here

Remember the hard times

The applause starts again

I cover my ears

It is the standing ovation

Small prize for a lifetime

Saturday July 30, 2011A River of Stones / dVerse~Poets Pub / We Write Poems

River of Stones
Rain Clouds

River of Stones: One daily observation.

At last the long dreamed of rain came and quenched the thirst of the mesa.


dVerse~Poets Pub  prompt: Surf


He stands up on hind legs

And rushs forward

To break against the shore

Shatters our bones

Shiny white

Across sandy beaches

Among shells lost

And sometimes found

We run to meet him

But he surrounds us

Pushes us down

Beneath the waves

Shatters our bones

And retreats

Leaving us lonely

Alone to wander

The sandy beach

In time he returns

Threatens and roars

To break upon the

Sandy shore once more

He scatters our bones

To be bleached

Shiny white

Glowing in moonlight


We Write Poems prompt #65 Girl, Bed and Bear

Girl – Bed – Bear

Girl, Bed and Bear

You sit upon my bed

Smoking even though

I have asked you not

The day is late

You speak your piece

Is there room for

What I have to say

This room seems too small

The air is foul

The windows shut

I slide my soul across the floor

Trace the watermarks

In rose printed wall paper

You see the tear upon my cheek

You place your hand upon my shoulder

You sit upon my bed

I have my say

I call you bear

Thursday July 28, 2011A River of Stones/ Poets Aside / Theme Thursday

A River of Stones
Sunset over Taos

A River of Stones: One daily observation.

A perfect ending for a perfect day.  If only we are aware to realize.  We live in a world with such abundance of natural gifts, it is no wonder we might fall to our knees in gratitude.



Poets Asides prompt #142 write an opposites poem

Opposites Poem

I hold my breath

I take a breath

All is forgotten

I think of you

The sun rises at night

The sun sets in the morning

I think of you

All is forgotten

Hot in the winter

Cold in summer

I have forgotten you

I remember

Born in old age

Die in youth

All is forgotten

I think of you



Theme Thursday Prompt Letter

Letter of Blue

The letter in the morning’s post

Handmade paper blue

Stayed up late

Tore each piece

Into the shape

And the size of a tear

Your words were lies

I was surprised

I returned them to you

In the morning’s post

Lettter of Blue

Wednesday July 27, 2011 A River of Stones / Wordgathering dVerse / We Write Poetry

A River of Stones
Blue Grid

A River of Stones:  One daily observation.

Parallel lines traced upon the paper are the beginning of a grid.


Today Jae Rose wrote a beautiful poem, Scratch Card.  And she used the words anchor, bell and cherry.  I love those words, and decided to write using those words, too.

Deadman’s Float

The anchor takes me back

Years back

All the years growing up beside the sea

The end of it all

The closing of the door

We never said good bye

The anchor broke

And you left without warning.


The bell rang

The first day of school

The first day of the rest of my life

And now the bell rings


On the hour

At the church

In the town

Floats up to the mesa


Cherry red and sweet

Spilling over my fingers

Which I run through my hair

Before I reach for you

I lick the sweetness from your face

As the bell signals the broken anchor

Cherry sweet goodbyes

Dead-man’s float upon the waves



Wordgathering prompt: Epiphany


The light came on

And for the first time

Saw what was before me

Stood in this spot before

Looked but did not see

Saw something different




We Write Poems

Prompt #64 Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

We draw parallel lines

Of our own

Lines which should not be crossed

We carefully stay within the lines

Ask others to respect

Side by side

We walk

Calling to  each other

Expressing ourselves

With the intent

Of knowing

And being known

While remaining

Within the prison

Of our own making



dVerse prompt: empty


You tap on the wall

The sound comes back to you

You determine it is empty

All the while I hide inside

Hoping you will find me

Tuesday July 25, 2011 Mag #75

Mag pie



Magpie prompt #75

Children’s Lanterns

Summer night

Front porch swing

Children’s delight

Laughter heard in the dark

Catch fire flies in mason jars

Childhood lanterns light the night


Stars twinkle and shine

Fingers crossed

Wishes made

Bright stars make

No guarantees

Invite new wishes

Each and every night


Stars are lanterns in the sky

Beacon moths

As they balance and spin

Careful not to alight

Their gossamer wings


River of Stones

River of Stones:  One daily observation

Clouds are pregnant with promise


Clouds are pregnant with promise.  The mesa waits with fingers crossed!


Sunday July 24, 2022 River of Stones / Sunday Whirl/ dVerse/ Sunday Scribblings

River of Stones

River of Stones:  A stone is one daily observation.

Beginning of the Day

This day began gloriously.   (I am in my courtyard, looking back over my house, which has chickens on the roof, for Mabel Dodge.)

Clouds were building up

In the afternoon, as I worked in the studio, I was aware that clouds were building up.

The afternoon was clear

The afternoon was clear.

End of Day

The day ended and the sky reminded me of a lovely Indian blanket.


Wordle #14

Mushroom Cloud Over Taos Mountain

Under Blue Skies

Eyes cast across landscape

As if in the blink of an eye

Image rendered in sand, sage

And endless blue sky

One can only marvel

Clouds form fantastic shapes

Summer day holds its’ breath

Suddenly twisting dirt devils

In desert sand

Gilding the landscape

Brightly reflected

Scan the desert floor

For the devils’ red pencil

Indian paint brush blooms

In searing red

Like earth’s pure blood

Scattered among the dusty sage

Late afternoon showers

Or  “walking rain”

Form curtain above

Deep blue mountains

Nothing reprehenisible



dVerse prompt: My Shoes

My Shoes

I wouldn’t get far

Without shoes

They protect me

From the rocks and stickers

Strewn about

The desert floor

The souls of my feet are soft

And need protection

From Rocks and stickers

From snow

And sometimes from the

Pain of loving you


Sunday Scribblings  prompt #277 Distant

You are my Destination

Are we there yet

Coming from the back

Seat of the car

How far is it

How to measure the distance

From here to there

How long will it take

When I  think of you

Questions form

Like clouds in the

New Mexico sky

Saturday July 23, 2011 River of Stones

River of Stones


Cloud forms in early morning Taos


One daily observation:  In New Mexico the skies are so big there are often abstract forms 360 degrees.  Neil Reid said it best, “we feel we are inside the heart, and it is our own heart.”


Abstract cloud forms

Speak clearly

Some call it heaven

Friday July 22, 2011 River of Stones/ Poets United / Theme Thursday

River of Stones
Taos Mountain

One daily observation.

Taos Mountain reigns over the valley.  She is the Mother Mountain.  In the shadow of the mountain, we are reminded all will be OK.

Poets United prompt Night time

Night Time Over Taos Mountain

Night descends over Taos Mountain

End of day

Eternal cycle

Man and animal lay down to rest

Church bells toll

Time of prayer

Work is done

Fear and worry

Tucked under the pillow

Tomorrow will come

The sun will rise

Over the mountain

As it has for all times

Sun Rise Over Taos Mountain

Theme Thursday prompt Country

New Mexico

Country found between

Texas and Arizona

Land of enchantment

It is a place to be

The perfect place

Within the heart

The heart that is your own

Sun Rise North East of Taos Mountain

*Note: Thank you Neil Reid for the words of the “heart.” Inspired by his poem “Being.”

Wednesday July 20, 2011 dVerse/ A River of Stones/ Poets Asides

Angels Wait

Angels Wait

Sun shines

Guitar music floats through

Open door

An old man is dying

The family is waiting

Fans whir

To blow away summer’s heat

Clouds like cotton in the South

Picked and stacked


Scan the sky

Hope for rain

Notes played on guitar

Fall upon the floor

In scattered patterns


Angels float overhead

In the morning

The old man will be dead

Until then they hold their breath


Edward Munch


A River of Stones
Russian Sage

A River of Stones/ One daily observation = one stone.

Russian sage in high mountain desert.  Loves hot summer sun.  Bees love to buzz the blossoms.


Poets Asides prompt #141 Empty


Desert Landscape


Desert Landscape

Landscape not empty

But austere

Like love


Not lush

But lean in

Its’ beauty


Like a line drawn on the floor

Start to finish

Nothing more

Nothing wasted

A singe purpose

A desert bare