prompt 154 who is your protagonist?
MAY 1, 2013
tags: protagonist, We Write Poems
by Irene
Write about an ordinary day where nothing much happened except the usual. Tell us what’s the usual. You could go that way or you could decide to make some surreal thing happen.
You’re the poet. You can write whatever.
(And if you survived Napowrimo, all the more you should adopt the “I can do whatever” attitude.)
To make it interesting, you’d have to give a sense of the protagonist in your piece. Whether you use the first or third person you have to have a protagonist. Give the person a name. If you’re following this prompt site, then you will have to bear in mind that you’re going to write a series of poems featuring that protagonist.
So this is the first.
You can link your poem to this post once it’s written. You have all week to write. Next Thursday, we’ll see you for a new prompt. Hint hint: It’ll have to feature the protagonist. The idea is that the protagonist will somehow tie all your poems together so there’s a kind of storyline going on. We’ll explore. We’ll make the ordinary extraordinary.

Cinco de Mayo
The 5th of May
Certainly not an ordinary day
And yet for Frida
It is just the same
Up early
Still dark

To the studio
Turn on computer
Post poem
To the Sunday Wordle
Have a little read
To see what others have done

As the sun shows its’ head
Not back to bed
But an ordinary
Breakfast instead
An egg, toast
Fresh orange juice
A cup of hot coffee

All is quiet still
Back to the studio
Organize the last work
Put it away
Clean the work area

Will start new work today
It is dust in the desert
That will get you
Can’t leave anything
For a day
Before it is coated
And grey

So celebrate
The 5th of May
Light your candle
And prey
The work when finished
On an ordinary day
Will be judged
…. Some will say

9 thoughts on “May 5, 2013 We Write Poems

  1. Welcome to play. This gives a great flavor of the protagonist as an artist in the ‘usual’. This same person will have to feature in the next instalment of the poem series, Annell. Give the protagonist a name, Annell.

  2. My muse comes and goes…she is not a regular creature. I see a very regular rhythm in this piece, the rhythm of tasks and cycles, but yet each day an extraordinary creation out of ordinary parts.


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