Prompt: mouth, vow, drone, space, chants, sun,

binding, crook, circling, broken, cave, fist


(Image from the internet)

First Woman

In the speed of light

Words spill from her mouth

Chants form and

Are heard as she drones

Circling around her

Caught in the crooks of trees

Where they hang

Limp and lifeless

Old time broken

Emerge from the cave

Vows uttered below her breath

The rising sun illuminates

Bindings drawn tight

Hands clenched into fists


She claims full rights

As a human


Prompt: At Real Toads__ Violet.


Today the 12th of May

I have chosen blue

Pure blue

Ultramarine blue


With small additions of purple

I shall see

The blue turn to blue violet

To violet

Mystery in its’ color

A tale of morning sky


And sorrow


Cowboys ride below

Sailors sail upon

Singing shanty songs

Little girls with ribbons

In their hair

Flying behnd

Aviators fly above

Violet all around


Picking blackberries

With my Grandmother

Violet stains on my dress

And finger tips

Dripping from my lips

Tempting snakes

Memories abound





21 thoughts on “May 11, 2013 Sunday Wordle #108 and Real Toads

  1. Annell, your poetry delights. Artistry in everything you create. LOVE the little image of you ~~ sans bangs.

  2. What a delight both pieces were. The first woman may not seem attractive but can you imagine the man! In all the times I have picked blackberries in the wild I had never thought that I might be attracting snakes!

  3. Great use of the words for the wordle!! And I love the series of violet memories you bring annell!! Excellent closing stanza…love the details, aviator and the blackberries…ribbons…nice!

  4. whew…that first one is def powerful…i wonder at the dawn of time if a woman would have been able to stand up for those rights…really nicely put together annell…great imagery…

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