December 28, 2012 Sunday Whirl #89

IMG_7529The Landscape of My Mind

Each day begins a new
The sun rises above the mountain
Promises delivered to a new world
Yet each day ends
Spectacular sunset
World in flame

Year’s end lies
In tangent with the
Beginning of the newyear
Endings and beginnings
The perfect pair
The work of the old year
Folded away
Neatly labeled
A completion of sorts
Or perhaps just a link in the chain

On winter’s night
The Rio Pueblo
The creek in the woods
Settles in for a winter’s nap
Blanketed with ice and snow
Reflects sparkle of stars
Named for ancestors

Wishes, hopes, and desires are kneaded
Into the bread of a newyear
Against adversity
The perfect loaf formed
The path will be strewn with missteps
No need to brood
The point of faith is fixed
POP! A new year is here

Note:  against, creek, ice, deliver, pop, point, tangent, flame, stars, knead, brood, strewn

As I looked closely at the photograph I had chosen for the piece, I realized it was taken several years ago.

The Little Tree
The little tree stands
Leafless in the corner
Of the courtyard
The village beyond

It is morning
The sky ablaze announcing
The sun

A white blanket of snow
Covers the ground
What sleeps beneath
Prepares for spring

I look closely
I realize
There is no tree
In that corner

The picture I see
Exists only in my mind’s eye

The tree was removed
After the furry kitty
Lost an eye
Because of the stickers

The little tree
A red plum
I will always see
Stand before the deep blue mountain
In memory of you

December 25, 2012 The Day Before Christmas


The Day Before Christmas

It is something we cannot say

When is a good time to go

The day before Christmas seems good

Or as good as any day I know

And only when we can say

 It was perfect

All was perfect

Maybe not the plan

Of my own making

But perfect all the same

When is a good time to go

Before we get started

In the middle of it all

After a long life

The day before Christmas

Seems good

Or as good as any

All the same

The year is almost over

Christmas is here

The gifts have been bought

And wrapped

The eggnog might not be finished

Nor the turkey cooked

But the plans have been make

Traditions to keep

The day before Christmas seems good

Or as good as any time to go

Your time is perfect

We will missed, your laughter

And your smiles

It will be a long time

Before the tears are dry

You left on Christmas Eve

The perfect time of year

 Note:  My friend Johnny died on the day before Christmas.  I write these words in sorrow and in celebration of my friend’s life.  I am sending my best wishes to his family, he was well loved by all who knew him.  ( Some of the words are Pat’s, she pointed out that it was like him to leave before the eggnog was finished, nor the turkey cooked.  Leave it to Pat is see the irony of it all.)

Sunday December 23, 2011 Wordle

rapid, spacious, enigma, clench, spasm, burst,
insistent, hurl, seemed, rustle, rare, through
Secrets of the Heart
Passage of time is rapid
Spacious my heart
An enigma written there
Unclench the protective cover
A spasm felt
Insistent words
Burst forth
Meaning hurled
 A rare rustle heard
Along the edge
Through the willow
It seemed time was standing still
And yet…
Another year passes
Note:  The sun is still sleeping behind Taos Mountain in darkness, yet somehow I feel the passage of time… am witness to the faithfullness of the earth, our Mother.  The world didn’t end yesterday, only another beginning.

Sunday December 15, 2012 Wordle #87

Wordle #87

top, list glassy, unfolded, itch, rushes, slicks, listen, sign, lighten, tragic, visalility, milky


Image from the Internet

A Material Gift to Honor the Man

Who Did not Collect Material Gifts

List made

Checked twice

At the top

A gift for you

With glassy eyes I stare

At the milky blank space

Where the gift should be written

No idea…

There is no word for lack of it

Fold and unfold the paper

Wrinkled and torn like a photo

By the Starns twins

Palms itch

Idea after idea rushes to be rejected

None seem right

I listen to the songs of the season and sigh

Holiday load would be lightened

If only a slick idea

Would materialize

Christmas morning will be tragic

For lack of gift to give

Snow is expected

Visability low

Note:  Sometimes it is not the buying of the gift at the shopping mall, but the idea of the perfect gift to give.  The holiday has become one big “potlatch.”  And we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find that perfect gift.  I selected the image of the book, The Gift, one of my favorites.    And Merry Christmas to all…….

December 8, 2012 Wordle #86

bland, forged, rejuvenate, stress, innate, delicate,

relentless, space, coast, hat, rampant, spectrum
Taos Mountain
Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Christmas in the Desert
So far…
Season is bland
Temperatures the
Same as late summer
Time stands still
Sense of waiting
Feelings forged into sameness
Time to rejuvenate
Awaken old souls
Without stress or loss
Innate sense of wonder
Delicate childhood
Endings in the air
Time for change
New space
New traditions
New paths
Along desert coastline
Don hat to protect
Against relentless sun
And other dangers
Memories run rampant
…And you say the “tests” are negative
Life’s full spectrum
Colors in all the spaces
…Snow expected
On Christmas
Sleigh bells ring!
Note:  As I was working on my piece, lost in reverie, I was contacted by a friend telling me, his partner has cancer, and the first tests were negative for it’s spread to the brain and that there would be more tests.  I wanted to add that line, as I think it illustrates “life,” while we are busy doing something, something else happens.  It all becomes woven together, into something unique.

Sunday December 2, 2012 Sunday Whirl #85




Barbada’s Pink Sand Beach Photo Courtesy:

Antiqua & Barbuda Tourism

Was it an affair to remember
Or one to forget
The loss rendered me forlorn
Unable to find my way
Lost in desire
Manic the state
Between mood and the sunny day
There was a clash
Unable to to fuse the two
The roughhewn moon
Waxed and waned
A fork in the road
Caused confusion
The drive headed west
Unsure what I would find
Upon arrival
Or if I would know
I had arrived
I searched for the pink sand
Between your fingers


Saturday December 1, 2012 dVerse

dVerse: prompt  “I Miss You”



Missing You

Every breath

One of saddness

I breath in…out

I listen

I stare far away

To the horizon

Could it be…

Do I see you there

I breath in…out

I hear the music playing

Your favorite song

My eyes mist over

I breath in… out

I cannot distinguish time

Your leaving seems

A long time ago or

Like yesterday

I breath in… out

I am filled with my breath

When I breath out

I am surrounded by this sad breath

Which mixes with the sad breath of others

I breath in… out

Everyone missing someone