School Began in The Autumn

You speak of autumn
To me it used to mean
School would begin…again
As a small child

I remember the wooden floors
And the wood chips the janitor
Would sprinkle on the floors

That had a very strong smell
I think it cleaned and oiled
The floors as he swept
The tall windows
With the sun shining through

The tops of the polished desks
With the initials of other students
Reflecting the sun
Filling the room with cheery light

The ceilings were tall
And the teacher would put up
Posters and letters of the alphabet
All the way to the top of the room

I remember pictures of caravans
Camels and sand dunes
Children at play
Hop Scotch and marbles

I especially remember a story
The teacher read one day
It was a story about a little Eskimo boy
Who lived with his Grand Mother

An amazing story
A different world
Of ice and snow
To a little girl on the Texas gulf coast
Where snow was unknown

August 28, 2018













3 thoughts on “School Began in the Autumn/imaginary gardens with real toads autumn

  1. This is a beautifully nostalgic piece! You and I must have gone to the same school. We also had a potbellied stove behind the teacher’s desk… and inkwells!

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