May 26, 2013 Wordle :


naked, sylph, underground, depart, light, somatic, passing, tather, entice, seamless


She a naked sylph

Tathered for too long

Held against her will

Althought not underground

She was buried alive

No one passing by suspected

No one knew

No one saw

The light under the door

Should have been the clue

She lived a life

Of seamless horror

One of restraints and crulty

Every somatic pain was hers

She longed for freedom

For home

It was not

Her intention to entice

If the captor

Let down his guard

She would depart

And one day

That very thing happened

After ten long years

She was free!

18 thoughts on “May 26, 2013 Wordle :

  1. I am so glad she is free. Your poem made me think of the incredible tenacity of the human spirit, to survive for so long with the dream of freedom her only hope. Also of how often we unknowingly pass by someone else’s prison.

  2. i am glad that in time she found her freedom…for some it takes a while to get there…and we all find our own places in which we are stuck…until we are ready to find our way out…or the time is right..

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