Thursday September 29, 2011 A Stone


A Stone: One daily observation

This morning

Promises one more

Perfect day


Tony and Mabel Lujan

This is a link that will take you to a site that will tell you the story of Tony and Mabel Lujan.  It is an amazing story!  Last night we went to a fundraiser at the museum, to hear about the film documentary about Tony and Mabel.  It will be a wonderful film, Ali McGraw read from Edge of Taos Desert, written by Mabel Lujan.  The film will be released and shown on PBS.  They hope to finish it next year.

Sunday September 25, 2011 A Stone/Thursday Think Tank/ Sunday Whirl/Sunday Scribblings

Black Mountain College

A Stone: One Daily Observation

We saw a film

By Kathleen Brennen

about Black Mountain College



Thursday Think Tank: rain

Desert Rain

In the desert

The sun shines

Almost every day

No rain tickets are needed

If by accident

There is a brief shower

The ground is dry

Even before the shiny

Rays touch the earth

The prairie dog

Sees his shadow

Most everyday





All like naps in the

Warmth of the sun

Rarely need shelter

From desert rain



Sunday Whirl Wordle #23

My Position

I stand outside the shop

Outside the group

Outside the accepted circle

Clutching precious parcels

It is no accident

When you look

You find me here

We are free to chat

As we stroll

Occasionally I change

My position

At other times

I simple stand still

Watch passer-byes

Passing by

I will not be jostled

For my position

What was set into motion



Sunday Scribblings:prompt plan b

Plan “B”

I look around

It is plan “b”

“To be”


I think I accomplished plan “a”

In the first 50 years

Now plan “b” is to be perfected

Add the dry ingredients

Then the liquid


Put  in the oven

Bake one hour…

Or as long as it takes

Which maybe the rest of my life

“I am”

Wednesday September 21, 2011 A Stone/ We Write Poems

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Yesterday I was trying to do something

It did not work

Today I will try again


Narrow Path

We Write Poems: Better Inside Out

Better Inside the Heart
Than Out
Clouds gather
Weather threatens
Better inside
Than out

It is hard to stay
On the narrow path
Step carefully

Conceal footprints
Across snow covered field
The warning came
You left the path
Found your way back
Now all is better
Inside out

Tuesday September 20, 2011 A Stone/ dVerse/ Tuesday Tryouts


A Stone: One Daily Observation

The Sun rose faithfully

Again this morning

Not I

For I slept

Just a little longer

I did not see the event

I know that it happened

Now the day is bright

And will be another

Beautiful day


The Red Shoes

dVerse Poets Pub

The Dream She Spun in Her Red Shoes

Touching tenderly
Igniting a dream
Conjured up by a little girl
Decked out in red shoes

She could tap, whirl
And clap
Dancing days away
To the rhythm in her head
Dreams in color
Blue and red

The smell of the studio
Wax and paint
She runs her hand across
The surface of fine handmade

No other place drew her
Shut the door
And work
She is still there
Humming to herself

Decked out in red shoes


Tuesday Tryouts: Ancestors

Women Dressed in White/ Image from The Daughters of the Dust

My Family
They came in the 1840s
From Ireland
Built a farm in Trinity County
Raised cotton
My Great Grandmother
Gave birth eleven times
And each lived to old age

There is a photo
Though I do not know where it is
Showing women dressed in long white dresses
A picnic under the trees
Life was thick and rich
In Trinity County

In my family
Where there were surely women
The family stories
Were handed down through the men
He did it
He said it
He discovered it
He built it
His family
His wife
His children
His horse
His cow
I wonder where were the women..

And what was their story

I asked my Great Aunt once
About my Great Grandmother
What do you remember
She said…
I remember her walking down the road in
Cedar Bayou
She was coming for a visit
She wore black and held a black umbrella

It’s not much
Doesn’t take up much room
But it is all I have
And I keep it folded in
Tissue paper in a trunk
A treasured memory
In my heart

Monday September 19, 2011 A Stone/ Magpie Tales

Sunrise and Sunset

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Interpretation of the sunrise and sunset

Gouache on w/c paper



Mag #83

The Snake Charmer, 1907 Henri Rousseau

The Snake Charmer
In the Bayou Country
Life is lush
Snowy Egrets
Blue herons
And as many small creatures
As there stars in the sky
Bears and tigers
Oh my

The air is close
Hot and sticky
Be careful where
You step
A snake in the grass
Bears and tigers
Oh my

On moon lite nights
You may hear a melodic sound
Though you have never heard it before
In his pirogue

A boy playes his flute

Charms the snakes

Bears and tigers

Oh my

Magpie Tales

Note:  I took “Bears and tigers, Oh my” from the Wizard of Oz.

Sunday September 18, 2011 A Stone/Sunday Scribblings/ Sunday Whirl

Taos Mountain

A Stone: One Daily Observation + one

Taos Mountain

Edge of Taos Desert

Edge of Taos Desert

This is a book I think you will love


Sunday Scribblings: prompt #285 easy


The frog used to say

It ain’t easy to be green

I say

It ain’t easy to be seen

It ain’t easy when it don’t fit

It ain’t easy when everything is new

What’s easy

Is an old shoe

That fits comfortably

Thoes dang new ones

Always bite my toes

But in order

To get a different view

You sometimes have to agree

To be uncomfortable

And it ain’t easy


Sunday Whirl: Wordle
The Trials Begin
In dream
My muse
Walked the corridor
Thrusting the end
Of the red thread
Into my hand
An omen

All was reflected
In the mirror
Through opalescent veil
The image was strengthen
With blind finger tips
I read the message

With verve she spoke
Of what is raw
The yearning

I unfolded
The tiny square of paper
A sheep was standing
Waiting for a shepherd
And his dog

Saturday September 17, 2011 A Stone/ dVerse


A Stone: One Daily Observation

In the evening when the world

Settles down to rest

The sun sets in the west

In the morning

The sun peaks up

Over the mountains

It will be a beautiful day today


Six Word Saturday

Crafted by hand

In the autumn

(With the help of others)



dVerse:prompt Train

Train Going No Where
Thoughts linked together
Chugging down the track
Clickity Clack/ Clickity Clack

Light into dark and back again
Sun Breaks Through thick clouds
Bright mood sustained
Clickity Clack/ Clickity Clack

Soft kitten
Sits by the door
Asks to come in
Clickity Clack/ Clickity Clack

End of day
Consumed by your gaze
Rocked by your words
Safe in your arms
Clickity Clack/Clickity Clack

Monday September 12, 2011 A Stone/ Carry on Tuesday

Full Moon (Image from the internet)

A Stone: One Daily Observation

The full moon was so bright

It waked me from a deep night’s sleep

It was so bright

I thought it was morning



Carry on Tuesday: prompt  “When I look into your eyes…”


When I Look Into Your Eyes
I see you
Looking back at me
I count the eyelashes
As they brush against my cheek
Eyes of blue
The color of the sky

On other days
Green the color of the sea
I imagine a black patch
A pirates’ costume
Ahoy Matie!
Roll those eyes
Across the floor

Its’ a game
Like marbles
The rules are written
On the whites of your eyes
A winner you say
Watch out for the cheaters
They play a different way

Now I see the pain
You keep disguised
Your eyes are like windows
Everything exposed
Hide and seek
Another game
You try to play
Just as I look to far horizons
I look into your eyes

Friday September 16, 2011 A Stone

Clouds on Taos Mountain

A Stone: One daily Observation

This morning began

With a cold blue

Clouds resting on Taos Mountain

No two mornings the same

Cold Blue Morning

The weather report

Suggests rain

It does feel

As if you are inside

The heart

The air is chilled

And filled with sage


The hot days of summer

Are but a memory