Tuesday August 31, 2011 A Stone/New Mexico Barns

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

Last week I visited Barn Charm and fell in love.  I have always had a special feeling for barns.  But now, I don’t see them often, so they had faded from my mind.  But upon seeing this site, I decided I would began a collection of images of New Mexico barns.  I know I have seen them.  Now I will wake up, pay attention.  I found this barn in Cerro, New Mexico, it my first barn in my new collection.  I will not go to look for barns, a barn will be added only if by chance I find an unexpected barn on my path.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

He is a Grand Daddy Barn, still standing, past his prime.  He is but a skeleton of his former self.  His doors are gone.  It is as if he is sleeping, with his eyes open.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

He played an important role in this tiny town.  He stored hay and grain for the livestock.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

So much is missing from his frame, light streams into the interior space.  On rainy days all is soaked and snow drifts in on winter days.

Old Barn in Cerro, New Mexico

Like the old horse put out to pasture,your working days have passed.  You stand and watch as the world goes bye.  No one can say how long you will continue to stand.  And it seems with great effort, you stand nobel today.  As long as you stand, the past will be remembered by all who see you.



A Stone: One daily observation

Morning Light

Even after the darkest night, the morning light promises a new day, a new beginning.

Monday August 30, 2011 A Stone/ Magpie Tales

Rain Clouds build up to a beautiful blue

A Stone: One daily Observation

Rain Clouds and Water Spirits help to create glorious Sunset

Last night El Prado mesa received life giving moisture in the form of a generous rain.

Magpie Tales
Red Umbrella

In the desert

Hot and dry

The parched earth waits

Umbrella isn’t often needed

On occasion

It rains so hard

Flash floods in the arroyos

The red umbrella

You carry

Could become a boat


August 29, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

Late Afternoon over Taos Mountain

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Nothing to obstruct the view.

Blood of Christ

The Mountain reflects blood red

Red Hot in the West

Each part of the sky competes for your attention

Sunset in the West

Sunset in the Western Sky

End of a Perfect Day

Marks the end of a perfect day

A reminder of the “gift” given


Sunday Whirl

Wordle #19


Coyote Laughs Last

Residue rises to the top

Floats, bubbles

The wheel turns

New green into yellow

Coyote mocks man

Made of matter

Something from nothing

Skins hang from the rafters

In sickening silence

There is no truth

Coyote mocks man

The breeze passes

A small movement

A rustle of wrapping paper

A kiss behind the ear

Man sees nothing

Coyote mocks man

You snuggle your cloak

Tightly around your body

The vessel

Which holds the fire of hatred

Coyote mocks man

I sweep fervently

Gathering the trash along the roadside

Open the trunk

A small carry on case

Holds the remains

Each individually wrapped

Dust to dust

Coyote mocks man

Saturday August 27, 2011 A Stone

The Color of Early Morning


A Stone: One Daily Observation

Though each day is different

The sun brings color to Taos Valley

Some call it life

I call it magic

It is no wonder the Native People

Who live at the base of Taos Mountain

Knew was sacred

Friday August 26, 2011 A Stone/ Thursday’s Theme

A Stone: One daily observation

I see the work I do

I gather the pieces together

I create a context for the work

The sun rises

And sets on my work


Thursday’s Theme promptWork


It is my work I ride on

I travel to exotic places

I am never bored

Though my shoes rarely

Touch far-away lands

It is why I get up in the morning

What is the reward…

I have something very important to do

Perhaps therefore I prove to myself

I am very important

I imagine all of us

Fumbling through the toy box

The eternal search

Each day it is renewed

And you say

You see

You unterstand

Perhaps that is the reward


I see how lovely it is

The red against the blue

My heart takes another beat

Wednesday August 24, 2011 A Stone

End of Summer

A Stone: One daily observation

End of Summer

Time to say goodbye

To lazy hot days

Time to take inventory

To look across the horizon

To see where you are

To understand where you want to go

Is it a place, an accomplishment

Something you want to do

To pick a destination

To put a pin in the map

To dream a dream

To count the harvest

Of course we cannot plan for every

Unexpected happening along the way

But a good time

To prepare for winter

To check the stores

To chop the wood

Sunday August 21, 2011 A Stone/ A Sunday Whirl/ dVerse

Early Morning

A Stone: One daily observation.

Early Morning

From the studio

A pink light washed in gold

A gentle rain awakens the morning sleeper.

*Note: I glanced to the left and saw the colors of pink and gold announcing the new day.  Grabbed my camera and captured the colors through the studio window.  If you look closely, there are rain drops on the glass.


Sunday Whirl:  Wordle #18  http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/

#18 Wordle


Texture on the mind of the painter

Color is always my first thought

The first element of my concern

Spinning to the full spectrum

I slouch back

Screw up by face

Survey the work

In the well lighted studio

The surface is cleansed

Of any rough texture

Like granite or other stone

The paint is as smooth as a second skin

Like the skin found on my Grandmother’s arm

Just above the elbow

Perhaps in the revolution

I will leave color behind

With desperation

I will seek texture

Among the ash and ruin

Nothing will be wasted

Hair and bone

Marble dust and gel

All the tricks to accomplish cracks

Even the cheap ones

*Note:  I have been thinking of writing about texture as it appears in my work for dVerse.  I will post this write to dVerse, too.