October 27, 2012 Sunday Whirl #80


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Sunday Whirl #80

Bound by Tradition

Rules on old tapes

Men and women

Powerless to find their own path

Follow or even to know

Their own wishes

Damage was done

Long ago

Introduced to a way of thinking

By parents

As they were

By theirs

No critical thinking

Not even one single thought

To call their own

The goal was

The thread within

Would remain unbroken

In our turn

We would do the same

Words:  Women, men, power, wish, damaged, way, think, single, thread, bound, within, we

October 26, 2012

Today I am posting Joanne Mattera’s post.  I want to share it with you.  It’s the best!



Dear 20- and 30-Something Sisters,

You have had access to contraception and the
oppportunity to control of your own bodies for as
long as you have been alive.

The stories of back-alley deaths from illegal and unsafe abortions are just “stories” to you, fortunately not reality. There has been some real progress made in wage parity, a pushing back of the glass ceiling, job options, and attention paid to sexual harrassment in the workplace. And, men–you good guys–you have wives, sisters, mothers, cousins, friends and girlfriends whose lives are better now. (Your own lives are better now, too. It’s not just women who end up responsible for an unplanned child.)

To any sane person, rape is a physical violation that is a punishable crime. There are no “degrees” of rape. There is no “legitimate rape.” Let’s make sure right-wing male legislators don’t try to institute their Medieval ideas.

You have options that previous generations of women worked (and some died) to achieve. The struggle, la lucha, does not stop with you. Pick up the relay baton already and do your part. Agitate, demonstrate and vote Democrat down the line.

Want to honor the legacy of Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate? If you’re in Massachusetts, vote for Elizabeth Warren.
Want to support a lesbian for U.S. Senate, and help maintain the majority there? In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin is your woman. Here are her priorities: jobs, families, workers, small businesses..

Not sure whom to vote for? Emily’s List has a great website that allows you to see the pro-choice, pro-equality candidates in every state.

And if you’d like to know more about women of color in politics or about women already serving, click on the boldfaced phrases for information from Rutgers University.

As for the economy, stick with the presidential candidate who pulled us back from collapse, not the one from the party that got us there in the first place (and whose “five-point plan” is a D: defer, denigrate, destroy, digress, and disregard).

Please vote to give our president, Barack Obama, four more years with a Congress that will work with him to work for us.

Sunday October 20, 2012 Sunday Whirl #79

Wordle:  recommend, happening, cabinet, cafe, shelter, sturdy, handle, peanuts, fern, job, guide, score, face

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After a while…
The ringing stops
Silence takes over
She walks the halls
Crowded with memory
Hard to distinguish
Past from present
Mind as empty as
Her dance card

Unaware of what is happening
She paws through her cabinet
Of broken dreams
Seeks shelter in familiar places
Unknown to her
No longer able to handle
The requirements of daily life

Her step no longer sturdy
The cafe where she worked
She grasps the handle of her walker
Stumbles on peanuts
That are not there
Jimmy Carter waters the fern

How to keep score
How to find the guide
What is recommended
A difficult job
By any standard
The face of the old
Turns inward
End of life a mystery

October 14, 2012 Sunday Whirl Wordle #78


Childhood of the Day

The first hour of light

The sun having cleared

Taos Mountain

A soft blue-grey

Deeper blue near the horizon

A pink band above

Like the inside of a shell

Washed ashore



Standing in silence

Thunder forgotten

Vows given

No excuses

Quiet anticipation

Awaiting the shift

The day promised


An umbrella of abstractions

Joined sunshine and shadows

360 degrees

An inheritance of inspiration

Sunday October 7, 2012 Sunday Wordle #77

Ho Down

With all the charm he could muster

He extended his hand

Asked for the dance

She from the place

Where the red willows grow

Broke the crust from her demeanor

Rose from her chair

With a rustle of her skirt

Joined him on the dance floor

Excitment unbearable

Thought she might explode

Go up in smoke

For long she had been mending

The patchwork of her life

Her heart brittle

Long on the shelf

Collecting dust

Wrapped in cobwebs

Her movements to the music reached

A fevered pitch

The music stopped

A gentle breeze moved her hair

His piercing eyes embraced her

She slipped easily

Into the sheath of his love

Note:  The night before I watched Pride and Prejudice, so the story of Mr. Darcey and Lizzie lingered in my mind.  And when Brenda suggested dance, I could go nowhere else.