Prompt: beam, anchor, shift, close, heart, phrase,
range, connect, current, fertile, layers, yield

The open range
Atop the mesa
Dropped anchor
Grew root
Buried my heart
In less than fertile ground
Deep in layers of caliche
No harvest yield expected

The wind’s current
Scours the landscape
As my heart grew in the land
The land grew in me
Sunbeams shine
Most everyday
The phrase
“A sunny day is a happy day”
Becomes a question
As there is a close connection
Between drying and dying
All that lives needs water


Poets United

Verse First ~ The Wild Truth

Journey to a Wild Truth

Truth that elusive thing

Hiding right in front of my face

Out of site

Hard to hold

Hard to know

It changes


Won’t hold still

Is only for one’s self

Can never know for another

What is true

What is not

Often what is not true

Is the truest thing

I know

12 thoughts on “May 25, 2013 Sunday Whirl and Poets United

  1. sometimes dropped in the less than fertile ground we are able to grow in new ways…and as we grow in it, the land can grow in us….like that annell…

  2. I’m grateful for the gift of having lived in so many different landscapes – there was a time when I thought ” how can anyone or anything live in the desert” but now I know the dry places on earth have their own special secrets and they manage to survive on just a few tiny drops of water – how strong and resiliant they must be. I am amazed by that.

  3. Like the speaker in your second poem, I find myself in less-than-fertile ground, wondering how much longer it will be until I am able to drive my roots down into rich loam.

  4. You landed in some really harsh terrain, difficult to adjust at first, but after living there for a while you begin to love it, despite all its shortcomings, I suppose!!

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