May 28, 2013 Man of Sorrow





Man of Sorrow

Known by different names

An innocent was he

The world weighted heavy

Tried to balance it

On his broad shoulders

Like an explorer

He lived in his own

World of sadness

He studied it like a student

Under a magnifying glass

He discovered its’ secrets

He was an expert

On the subject

It hung around him

Like smoke

Began near the floor

Crept along the baseboards

Filled the room

Choked the breath

Yet sometimes he would

Flash a shy smile

Show his dimple

To his Mother’s delight

In an instant Like a blanket

Tossed and spread

Sadness returned

Buried him before
He was dead

When seen on the road

He was more down cast

Than his own shadow

Man of sorrow

He tried to “take it like a man”

(His Father’s words)

But he was sucked

Beneath the waves

An undertow

It seemed the clock was broken

The hour came too soon

No one can say for sure

What happened next

He went away

Off the path

More than

He could endure

Died of sadness

An extreme case

Lonely man indeed

Note: ¬†Sorting through pictures, so reminded me of happier days. ¬†It is hard to believe the “big bear” no longer walks among us.