January 27, 2013 Sunday Whirl #91

chimes, scattered, mirror, skirted, raw, mist,

straw, scale, vast, curved, edge, tattered


(Image from the internet)

 Aunt Maggie’s Farm

Scattered chimes ring in the New Year

My mind a mirror of the past

Raw as if it were yesterday

Vast imagination of childhood

Balance the scale

Skirted cowgirls

Play in the straw

Curved tattered edge of the barn

Through the mist of years

…I remember

Note:  As children we spent many days on my Aunt Maggie’s farm, treasured memories.  Playing in the hay neatly stacked in the old barn.

January 26, 2013 dVerse


Winter in Taos

Grey day

Clouds like

Blanket spread


Caught in mid-air

Grey, lonely, silent

Without warning

Coyote appears

Just as suddenly


Always on the move

Rain expected in the p.m.

Until then…a sense of waiting

Grey, lonely, silent

Caught in mid-air

Note:  Reference the weather report

January 20, 2013 Sunday Whirl #92


Image from the internet

charge, art, knocks, filaments, cell, sticky,

pearls, bone,  linen, air, beware, skin, call

When the Muse Comes to Call

From afar I heard the call

A charge to keep

She knocked upon my door

Filaments of her hair

Every color of the rainbow

Her skin glowed in the morning air

Dressed in linen

Voice like pearls

Every cell in my body responded

In the depth of my bones

Her words are written

She is with me daily

She rules the practice of art

Beware her message is sticky

You will not be able to put it down

Note:  Every artist has her muse.  I imagine my muse brings colors, and her clothes are covered with patterns.

Saturday January 12, 2013 Sunday Whirl 91

burden, bends, drunk, poetry, virtue, palace,
ditch, diminishing, wish, breaks, room, steps

The Studio Visit

You step into the room
Dressed in black
Head to toe
Return from the north
Come in from the cold
Gratefully mention
The virtue of warmth

It is no palace
Only a simple studio
A place of creativity
As we review the work
The hour bends
We are drunk with images

Take a break…

Quietly we sit
And sip our tea
Our knees touch
Diminishing the distance
Between us
You have traveled far
While I am here working
We are not the same
As we were in May
We speak of
“The Clock”
Of time

The images
Like poetry
With ties to the past
Express wishes
As if they have
Been here forever waiting
While some are ditched
Others are praised
And yet…
Many images seen for
The first time

Saturday January 6, 2013 Sunday Whirl 90 and deVerse


Image from the internet – Sisters

Home for the Holidays
Just between you and me
There was so much tumult
So long ago…
On that December night

When I think of it
Pain in my chest
Takes my breath away
I dare not venture out
Bitter words surround me
Each step I take
Like a mine field
I should be practiced
In the art of survival

I go within
Find clarity
In the fire
Of my very soul
All unkindness
Burned away
I awaken giddily
To a new day


listen, giddy, tumult, breath, venture, bitter

step, practice, within, clarity, fire, awake

Though I can not explain the reason, not all homecomings are good.

deVerse  Prompt was to write about peace.


Canyon de Chelly
Sitting still upon the ridge
Listening to desert symphony
Sounds of the wind
Blowing through the canyon

The grand father takes the two boys
By the hand
Explains how the trees
Casting dappled shadows
Growing in the bottom
Were not there
When he was a boy

Watch carefully
Desert sands rise up
And begin to dance
Leaves shiver and shake

Water stains run
Down the canyon wall
People lived here
Long ago
Another way
Another life
Left no trace

Except for the dwellings
In the walls of the canyon
Moved east followed water
Life was difficult
Yet their way was peace
The sound of the wind
In the canyon

Note:  It all happened just this way, my first visit to Cayon de Chelly, a peaceful place in Arizona.

Tuesday January 1, 2013 dVerse

IMG_9424 Sunset

In the New Year

There are no extra days to spare

Each precious and rare

Do not let one pass

In the dark shadow

Of your longing

For what is not

Find the source of your joy

Feed it like

The fire in the hearth

Select each log

Lay it carefully

The flame will catch

Your joy will warm

And brighten every heart

Note:  Perhaps this is my New Years’ resolution.  I want to remember to be grateful for each day, and not waste a single one.

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 77 ~ Happy New Year!!