Sunday October 30, 2011 Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl: Wordle


Two Colors

To find two colors

Two color that will say it all

Colors that will flicker in the eye

Colors that will be in unison

To the thump of the heart

Two color to express

The heart beat

Red the bloody color of life

On the sidewalk I see the the red

In the gutter

Water catches the reflection sunset

Red tinged with orange (aureus)

Fill the bottle

Carry it to the studio

Mix into paint

The red gurgles as it flows from the bottle

My hand twitches as I mix

With crooked pallet knife

At last the shapes on the plane

are carved by the brush

Dipped into red and orange

Wednesday October 26, 2011 A Stone



A Stone: One daily observation

In winter

Because I love snow

I always predict it

And sometimes it comes

If I wish hard enough

It will come

The knock on my door

Is silent

The phone doesn’t ring


I have a hard time

Holding myself back

Slowing down

I have much to do

Tuesday October 25, 2011 A Stone/ dVerse

The road to town

A Stone: One daily observation/dVerse

Each day finds me at work in the studio

Playing with my colors

Some days I go to town

The road I take

Weaves between meadows

Down off the mesa

To the valley

Horses look up as I go by

Autumn is rich in color




 Falling one by one

Tomorrow will be snow

All will be transformed

White as far as you can see

My heart is warm

As I snuggle into my coat

For protection

Against winter’s threatened chill


Saturday October 22, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

Taos Valley in Autumn Color

A Stone: One daily observation

A misunderstanding happened

Someone was being funny

The complete message

Was not sent

This can happen

On a Saturday


Sunday Whirl:  Wordle

The End Complete
A time of ending
A time of new beginning
Our own end-time
A minor miracle
So difficult to imagine
In this time of life
So much to do

A time will come
We will nod in acceptance
Our bodies will be rusted-out
Our eyes will be glazed over
We will be ragged from our years of life

We can no longer straighten
The years have rolled by
Many bridges have been crossed
The promise of the future
Has stretched before us

Now the road ahead seems cloudy
Not a blade of grass covers the roadside
We drag ourselves to the finish line
The crowds cheer
Our race is over

Friday October 21, 2011 A Stone/Carry on Tuesday

Still Life

A Stone: One daily observation

We search

Without knowing

When we see it

We know


Carry on Tuesday: prompt  “The show must go on”

The Image Created for You
What you see
Is the final image
It is finished
It reflects the process

It does not stand-alone
Each is its’ own statement
Silently waiting
Hovering at the edge

It is one alone
It needs no support
It carries its’ own history
Of creation
For all the world to see
Waiting… waiting

You give voice
You give meaning
Silently the conversation begins
The give and take
Call and response
Question and answer

Gently the realization
It was created for you
Hovering on the edge
One image
No other

Thursday October 20, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday

A Stone: One daily observation/ Theme Thursday/ prompt: New/

This Week
Has seen many things completed
The finish line has stayed illusively
Somewhere before me

Each day I return
To the silent studio
Everything as I left it
The day before

Like the photographer
In the dark room
I sense the magic
I await breathlessly

To see
The new image
Created by me
With the muse
At my side

Saturday October 15, 2011 A Stone

Early Morning

A Stone: One daily observation

I have heard

When you are consentrating

On something

Looking straight ahead

Look to your right or your left

You may be surprised

At what is happening

Right beside you

That is what happened

This morning

I was at the computer

Trying to do something

And looked right

To catch the sun

Just rising above the mountain

Friday October 14, 2011 A Stone/ Poets United

Yellow Tree

A Stone: One daily observation

There is one tree

In my neighborhood

Stands out from the rest

I can see it from my

Kitchen window

Yellow is my favorite color

Autumn is here


Still Life: Life Patterns

Poets United: prompt #70 Hunger

An Image

I hunger for an image

I am looking for it

Something never seen

How to find it

Which supposes

It already exists

It is mine to find

Is it hidden on the

Back of my hand

Or placed between

The pages of an old book

Just waiting to be found

We will marvel together

We find it again

For the first time

Monday October 10, 2011 A Stone/ Magpie #86 / Sunday Whirl

Morning Sparkles

A Stone: One daily observation

The sun sparkles

On the snow capped

Distant peaks

The week begins

With promise

All is perfect

Yet I am conflicted

With much to do

Will the words receive

My attention

Or further exploration

Of the image



The lost toy

The Little King

I have misplaced the

Little King

The toy that made you smile

They called you the king

And you were

With your quiet gentle ways

Lord of your realm

Spoke to fishes

Knew where they took tea

Comfortable in your skin

Life gave you abundance

You deserved more

Man of intergrety

King of your realm


Wordle #25

Ride in the New Car
The crumb of thought
That falls before me
Is of a time long ago
Got a new automobile
Admired by all
During the war
Had no back seat
(Which would come later)

That didn’t stop us from
Taking a rambunctious ride
We all got in
On quilts piled high
Even Grandmother
Tall and quiet
She left the garden just for a while
For a Ride in the new car

As we drove to the pond
Swallows gathered round
Dipped and dived
Swam through the air
Like dancers with pointed toes
And wings spread out
In the glittering ballroom
Honor your partner
Do Se Do

Fellow deer with broad antlers
Like hat racks
With many kinds of hats
And pale yellow coats
Came to see the shiny
Automobile pass by

This shiny new car
Car with an expiration date
Before you knew it
It would be obsolete
The bell would ring
But the memory of the ride
In the new car
Without a back seat
Remains fresh
Even after all those years

Saturday October 8, 2011 A Stone

Early Morning First Snow 2011


A Stone: One daily observation

First Snow 2011




Bears hibernate


Winter is finally here

We go inside

Take note of all that

Has been accomplished

All that is left to do

End of year is coming