What is truth after all?

How do we recognize it?

Isn’t it all relative?

What is true for you

And what is true for me

May be different


I know you say

That cannot be

And yet

Two people

Give their truth

About what happened


And you would swear

They were in different places

At different times

Can I reveal a truth

That is not favorable to me?

Can you?


Perhaps there is no one thing

That we can call truth

That we can all agree on

So in this moment

I will honor your truth

And hope you will honor mine


We look into each other’s eyes

And we say nice things

Things easy to be heard

Do I question what you say?

Do I question the glow of the moon?

Do I question what my heart feels?

That is my truth all day long

May 30, 2018


27 thoughts on “WHAT IS TRUTH AFTER ALL?/Poets United — Midweek Motif/Truth

  1. “Do I question what you say?
    Do I question the glow of the moon?”

    Nice! If only the answers were “NO.” But your poem guides us in that direction. I will respect your truth, and you can respect mine — but that need not mean agreement . Even disagreement can come with respect rather than war, at least on a small scale.

  2. Wow, is this a new blog? It looks very sharp! Love the poem too, and I agree, truth is at the mercy of perspective in so many instances. Sadly lacking in some important areas today, most particularly the political.

  3. I have left a comment annell, but don’t know how to get into wordpress? – I would love to be involved – perhaps when my daughter comes i next month she can help me. >

  4. Indeed I suppose there are some differences in some truths…but not all truths. Some truths are just true….or should be….and were…until the present administration.

    1. No, Mary, if you are facing south and I am facing north, you say I see a mountain, and I say I see the sea, both are true. Truth is something we honor, and it is never good to see someone play lose with the truth.

  5. Of course we all see life with different pairs of eyes and ears, so our interpretation of what we see and hear can be different. I am quite happy that others have a different aspect…so long as they accept mine too.

  6. Good questions, Annell, and the answer is also true – people see things differently and the world would be a boring place if they didn’t. You’re right about honouring each other’s truth.

  7. Agree with you a hundred percent Annell.
    ‘Our’ truths can be so damaging when they need not be told. I button my lips, bite my tongue if I know ‘my’ truth will cause harm. I think we have to do this or life would be chaos, not very nice at all.
    Anna :o]
    PS. I just love your new page!

    1. hummmm….I wonder about the truth that you speak of, “that will cause harm?” How can that be? I think our truth should be outside of us? But maybe not attached to any other truth?

      1. I have a relative who visits occasionally, for the sake of the story I will name ‘him’ X.

        When I open the door he will say “Lovely to see you again Mags” and I will respond “It’s lovely to see you too X.” Only my response is a lie.

        I dread his visits, he is the most boring person I know, I find his visits painful and emotionally draining. After (not so long) a while, I find myself thinking: Please go now, please go.

        Despite his affect on me, I must state X is a good person, a very good person, a very good husband and a marvellous father. He doesn’t have any friends…

        I tolerate X because of this and because he is family.

        Of truth and its affect, its potential to harm:

        When I open the door he will say “Lovely to see you again Mags” and I respond (truthfully): I wish I could say the same X. God, you bore the pants off me. I dread your visits. I wish you wouldn’t come.

        What purpose would the truth serve here, other than to cause harm? My selfish desire to be truthful would cause great harm to X for he is who he is, a good man who unfortunately is a bore, my truth would devastate him.

        I think I could never forgive myself for being so truthful either. It is a truth that should never be said, need never be said.

        My dad always used to say, “Margaret, if you have nothing good to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

        And I follow his wisdom, even now. This is not to say I am a soft touch, afraid to confront, for this is not so, I stand my ground when a situation demands it, question.

        I think we all tell white lies to protect the feelings of others, when OUR truths will change nothing, other than causing harm.

        What say you Annell?

        Love and stuff
        Mags (aka Anna :o])

    2. I have returned to wordpress, blogspot stopped letting you know about comments and I couldn’t reply on the site.

      Hope you are well and have finished that wallpaper project. Love to see pics.


      1. I understand this, pretty miffed with blogger myself. I am contemplating transferring to WordPress and will look into it soon, or maybe procrastinate…
        Mags. xxx

  8. Very interesting. Perhaps you can make a plan, when he visits, engage him in some conversation you are interested in, or some activity (perhaps he could help with the wallpaper?) and then it wouldn’t be so boring. Or you can be like the Buda, open your arms wide, embrace him, while talking to yourself, remembering he is here, and he is a good man, he is family, and it would be very hurtful to say anything hurtful. Say to yourself, he is here now, but won’t be for long, and you will miss him when he is gone. Or perhaps you could ask him to go for a walk with you, and you might see interesting things you could talk about? Otherwise don’t open the door, hide in your closet, and pretend you are not home, or taking a nap? xoxoxo

  9. “Isn’t it all relative?” This makes me think that we are all moving from lower truth to higher with the hope that we’ll reach the highest some day. I love poems that make me think.

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