WHAT IS TRUTH AFTER ALL?/Poets United — Midweek Motif/Truth


What is truth after all?

How do we recognize it?

Isn’t it all relative?

What is true for you

And what is true for me

May be different


I know you say

That cannot be

And yet

Two people

Give their truth

About what happened


And you would swear

They were in different places

At different times

Can I reveal a truth

That is not favorable to me?

Can you?


Perhaps there is no one thing

That we can call truth

That we can all agree on

So in this moment

I will honor your truth

And hope you will honor mine


We look into each other’s eyes

And we say nice things

Things easy to be heard

Do I question what you say?

Do I question the glow of the moon?

Do I question what my heart feels?

That is my truth all day long

May 30, 2018