My World is a Beautiful Place

My world is a beautiful place
All that I see around me
Takes my breath away
Mountains, streams

A dazzling blue New Mexico sky
A 360-degree abstraction
The labyrinth of sage brush
On the sandy soil of the mesa

Like rolling waves out to sea
The cactus adorned with spikes
Or lovely pink or yellow flowers
Everything in the desert

Has stickers or will bite you
Each has its own protection
It isn’t easy to live in the desert
As with most other things in life

You have to really want to
A striped lizard
Might suddenly appear
Or birds of every kind

Fill the air with flight
Or they just might
Land right next to you
Each day a new canvas

The sun rises to light the splendor
Radiates through the day
Closes the day
With colorful sunset

Red, gold, silver, purple
There is no end
To the visual delight
That is the world

August 23, 2018















7 thoughts on “My World is a Beautiful Place/poets united midweek motif – The world is a beautiful place

  1. To truly illustrate the prompt, these words
    “There is no end
    To the visual delight
    That is the world”
    convey the most accurate account.
    (Off to write someone an email now. :o])
    Anna :o]

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