DOPPLEGANGER/imaginary gardens with real toads


One day

You brought a picture

That to you thought looked

Just like me


I kept it for a long time

And then it slipped

From my knowing

Did it really look like me


Or was it in your eyes

You could see

The face of a girl

That looked just like me


Each leaf on the tree

Is different

Yes, they all look

Like leaves


But still different

No one is really is

Just the same

As another

We are each unique


August 2, 2018



Bits of Inspiration ~ Doppleganger

Have you ever wondered if there is someone who looks just like you, but you’ve never met them? I’ve been told numerous times I have a twin. Well, not an actual genetic one, but someone who bears a strong resemblance. I’ve yet to meet my doppelganger.


Of course there are those distant relatives living and deceased who have marked resemblances to yourself or another family member. My youngest daughter, Carrie, bears an uncanny resemblance to Cher. There is a genetic connection because Cher’s mother and my father were distant cousins. Carrie doesn’t always look like Cher. It can come in the tilt of her head, a smile, or her theatrical ability to slip into a character.



Doppelganger literally means double walker. There have been numerous references to them throughout history. They have been referred to as ghosts or the speculation we humans are time travelers. In this picture my husband Charlie was eighteen years old on a family vacation. He is on the far left with a girl standing behind him. One day he was looking at the picture and called me to come look at it. We both agreed the girl standing behind him held an unsettling resemblance to Dawn when she was seventeen. Is it possible? Is he playing ping pong with his daughter who traveled back to the future?



For today’s challenge I want you to write about an encounter with your doppelganger/time traveler. It could be a painting, a photo album, a magazine, or face to face. Meet him/her in whatever circumstances your imagination creates. Please make sure it is a new poem, post it on Mr. Linky, and visit your fellow poets to discover their responses to their double walkers.