The World is a Place of Neverland/the sunday whirl #365 — poets united poets pantry

The World is a Place of Neverland

The ham smokes on the back of the pit
The hide will be used for clothing
The green mist comes in
The weather changing

Green rolling hills become
Warm colors
Yellow, orange, red
As found on the color wheel

Seasons go through their changes
Coyote howls at the Harvest Moon
He speaks in tongues
That have no meaning for us
So much we don’t understand

We stare into the darkness
Try to define the mysteries
Stories from long ago
Passed down through the years

The world is a place
Of “neverland”
Riding the tides
Of its own choosing

August 26, 2018

Wordle #365


Note:  I am thinking the world is “never” as we would like it to be.  No one ever asks us, “How would you like things to be.”  Wishes never granted.  What is unexpected seems to always happen.   This “Neverland” is full of surprises.