School Daze/dVerse — back to school

School Daze


My school was old

Red brick buildings

The teachers the same

Tall ceilings

The windows went

All the way to the top


On warm days

The teacher would open

Those very tall windows

The breeze would come in


And cool down the stuffy room

Which smelled like disinfectant

Erasure dust and paste

Lockers were in the back of the room

Where we would remove our coats

And place our lunch


The halls were dark

Light would stream in

From the end of the hall

The floors polished


The play-yard barren

There was some play equipment

And a tennis court

We played group games

At recess

I remember a circle

A red scarf and running


I was a good student

But someone was talking

All the time

Would interrupt my thoughts

At last, I found out it was me


August 15, 2018