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Thank you all for this opportunity and the very warm welcome.

It is a gift giving season.  Handmade gifts are the best, and what better way to share love and self than writing.  Let us write and wrap a poem as a gift.

Choose a person as a focus for the poem.  It can be family, friends, lover, someone of major influence in your life, an unforgettable stranger, or anyone that sparks creativity in your writing.

  1. Focus on and describe one physical trait of the person–eyes, hair, lips, hands, smile, anything.
  2. Describe something he or she is does with that trait.
  3. Where would this person like to travel (or where would you like to take them)?  Wrap the present in a scene from there by describing the scene in vivid sensory imagery.
  4. What gift/souvenir would you give them?  How would it pair with the trait?  Describe the gift with those…

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May 16, 2013 Sunday Whirl 113




Prompt: moonshine, anything, scoop, cave, shatters, wake,

giggle, cut, load, sense, splits, crazy, chattering

If you had been there
You would say
The chattering was crazy
Probably wake the dead

We spoke of all things
We laughed and giggled
It was like being
Struck by moonshine
(Or so I’ve heard)

Your magical garden
Like a cave sheltering
Against the heavy load
The cares of the world

Sense of time
Is split
Shatters and is broken
Only that
Moment remembered
Cut as though
A special piece of pie
Scooped and eaten

I look into your pale
Blue eyes
We are home again

May 26, 2013 Wordle :


naked, sylph, underground, depart, light, somatic, passing, tather, entice, seamless


She a naked sylph

Tathered for too long

Held against her will

Althought not underground

She was buried alive

No one passing by suspected

No one knew

No one saw

The light under the door

Should have been the clue

She lived a life

Of seamless horror

One of restraints and crulty

Every somatic pain was hers

She longed for freedom

For home

It was not

Her intention to entice

If the captor

Let down his guard

She would depart

And one day

That very thing happened

After ten long years

She was free!

April 24, 2013 Writer’s Digest NAPOWRITEMO PAD Challenge

I’ve been away…found it hard to follow the prompts…


“Had we but world enough, and time…” Andrew Marvell(first line of the Coy Mistress)

Upon investigation
Of my purse
“Time” I have not much
A pie chart would reveal
The most must go to business
And necessity
The last little bit
That flies around you and me
Is leisure time
Carefully spent
Not nearly enough
To pay the rent
But grateful am I
For time together
We discuss small things
Of the soul
And of the weather