Wednesday September 7, 2010 A Stone/ Tuesday Tryouts

Morning Clouds

A Stone: One daily observation

Morning Clouds

My day begins early

At this hour I am the star

Of my own silent movie

There is a poem written

In the forms of the clouds

If only I can read it

Birds glide silently

With the mountains

I wait to see

Only the clouds know

What this day will be


Tuesday Tryouts: Poem on Things Meaningful to You

Things That are Meaningful to Me

My work

Something to eat

A warm bed to rest

Not much more is needed

Maybe a smile

Freely given


*Note: After reading the prompt,I went into my house.  For surely the things most meaningful must be there.  I looked around and yes there are things I love, collected over years, could not be replaced.  A few years ago, I lost everything that was meaningful to me.  It could be a natural disaster, or personal disaster.  I learned a lot.  When we lose everything, we do not die, maybe a little inside but we start over just a little lighter.  New beginnings are good.

Recently we experienced a robbery, some of my favorite things were taken.

It really doesn’t matter.