Thursday September 8, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday/ We Write Poems

The Sun is Released

A Stone: One Daily Observation

The sun is released

From its’ dark prison

To once again shine

To light the way

I come to the studio early



I often miss the first color of the day

Head down scribbling

But you are there faithfully


Theme Thursday: prompt communication


With brush in hand

Dripping paint

Like a dripping spring

A well of thought

Memories unwound

For you I paint

Bare my soul

With all the weaknesses

From which I am made



Do my best

It is placed before you

With hope you will see

All of me

My beating heart turned wrong side out

You will respond in kind


We Write Poems: prompt #71 B1


The self I am

Is my own invention

Who said I could be an artist

Who knows my name

And still each morning

Finds me at work

In the studio

I ask my own questions

I am what I wanted to be

A seeker

Combing the desert

For answers to questions

Still unknown