Sunday September 25, 2011 A Stone/Thursday Think Tank/ Sunday Whirl/Sunday Scribblings

Black Mountain College

A Stone: One Daily Observation

We saw a film

By Kathleen Brennen

about Black Mountain College



Thursday Think Tank: rain

Desert Rain

In the desert

The sun shines

Almost every day

No rain tickets are needed

If by accident

There is a brief shower

The ground is dry

Even before the shiny

Rays touch the earth

The prairie dog

Sees his shadow

Most everyday





All like naps in the

Warmth of the sun

Rarely need shelter

From desert rain



Sunday Whirl Wordle #23

My Position

I stand outside the shop

Outside the group

Outside the accepted circle

Clutching precious parcels

It is no accident

When you look

You find me here

We are free to chat

As we stroll

Occasionally I change

My position

At other times

I simple stand still

Watch passer-byes

Passing by

I will not be jostled

For my position

What was set into motion



Sunday Scribblings:prompt plan b

Plan “B”

I look around

It is plan “b”

“To be”


I think I accomplished plan “a”

In the first 50 years

Now plan “b” is to be perfected

Add the dry ingredients

Then the liquid


Put  in the oven

Bake one hour…

Or as long as it takes

Which maybe the rest of my life

“I am”