Monday September 12, 2011 A Stone/ Carry on Tuesday

Full Moon (Image from the internet)

A Stone: One Daily Observation

The full moon was so bright

It waked me from a deep night’s sleep

It was so bright

I thought it was morning



Carry on Tuesday: prompt  “When I look into your eyes…”


When I Look Into Your Eyes
I see you
Looking back at me
I count the eyelashes
As they brush against my cheek
Eyes of blue
The color of the sky

On other days
Green the color of the sea
I imagine a black patch
A pirates’ costume
Ahoy Matie!
Roll those eyes
Across the floor

Its’ a game
Like marbles
The rules are written
On the whites of your eyes
A winner you say
Watch out for the cheaters
They play a different way

Now I see the pain
You keep disguised
Your eyes are like windows
Everything exposed
Hide and seek
Another game
You try to play
Just as I look to far horizons
I look into your eyes

Friday September 16, 2011 A Stone

Clouds on Taos Mountain

A Stone: One daily Observation

This morning began

With a cold blue

Clouds resting on Taos Mountain

No two mornings the same

Cold Blue Morning

The weather report

Suggests rain

It does feel

As if you are inside

The heart

The air is chilled

And filled with sage


The hot days of summer

Are but a memory