Morning Clouds

A Stone: One daily observation

Morning Clouds

My day begins early

At this hour I am the star

Of my own silent movie

There is a poem written

In the forms of the clouds

If only I can read it

Birds glide silently

With the mountains

I wait to see

Only the clouds know

What this day will be


Tuesday Tryouts: Poem on Things Meaningful to You

Things That are Meaningful to Me

My work

Something to eat

A warm bed to rest

Not much more is needed

Maybe a smile

Freely given


*Note: After reading the prompt,I went into my house.  For surely the things most meaningful must be there.  I looked around and yes there are things I love, collected over years, could not be replaced.  A few years ago, I lost everything that was meaningful to me.  It could be a natural disaster, or personal disaster.  I learned a lot.  When we lose everything, we do not die, maybe a little inside but we start over just a little lighter.  New beginnings are good.

Recently we experienced a robbery, some of my favorite things were taken.

It really doesn’t matter.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday September 7, 2010 A Stone/ Tuesday Tryouts

  1. Annell, I love that a poem lies within the clouds, “if only I can read it”. And I love what you write about Things – I experienced a fire once, and many times I have started over with nothing. It teaches one that stuff is just stuff, and one does feel lighter after divesting onseself of some of it. Wise words from you this morning, my friend.

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