Friday September 9, 2011 A Stone/dVerse Poets Pub/ Found Poetry Review

Beau in his bath

A Stone: One daily observation + one

For the first time in his life

He has fleas.

Perhaps it is global warming?

The sun rise woke me from my sleep

I raised my head

Grabbed my camera

I have many photos of the sun rise

But each one unique

And I am greedy

I hope I grab each moment of life

In just the same way

*In Taos, the sun rises above Taos Pueblo.  How magical is that?


Found Poetry Review: prompt 9-11


dVerse Poets Pub


At about this time
The victim wakes
She says
“Here is come the kingdom of heaven”
Romantic lovers spoke of love
in terms of

The witch’s chair
Seated with spikes
Heated from below

At first we feel nothing
Only the wetness
The red skin
The blisters
We are in pain
The pain is excruciating
We cannot escape
We cannot escape
It is everywhere
Our own voices screaming
We hear our own voices
There is nowhere we can hide
The pain is inescapable


Note*At about this time

The victim awakes scratching at a furious itch.(Deserts, Wayne Grady)

She says when we are come “Here is come the kingdom of heaven!”

(The singing creek where the willows grow,

The Rediscovered Diary of Opal Whiteley, Presented by

Benjamin Hoff.)

Romantic lovers fell tempestuously in love, indeed they spoke of love in terms of torrents and gushings and floods (A natural History of Love by Diane Ackerman)

There was the leg-screw or Spanish boot, much used in Germany and Scotland, which squeezed the calf and broke the shin-bone in pieces… and the “lift” which hoisted the arms friercely behind the back; ad there was the “ram” or “witch-chair,” a seat of spikes, heated from below…(Quote from H.R. Trevor-Roper, The European Witch-Craze)

At first we feel nothing, only the wetness.  The red Skin.  The blisters.  We are in pain. The pain is excruciating.  We cannot escape it.  We cannot escape. We hear our own voices, there is nowhere we can hide, the pain is inescapable, ….(from Woman and Nature by Susan Griffin)

*Note: 9-11 happened on a beautiful morning, people woke, some walked to work, it was a day like any other day, all the while they were thinking it was a good day to be alive… for many it turned out to be a good day to die…