Saturday September 17, 2011 A Stone/ dVerse


A Stone: One Daily Observation

In the evening when the world

Settles down to rest

The sun sets in the west

In the morning

The sun peaks up

Over the mountains

It will be a beautiful day today


Six Word Saturday

Crafted by hand

In the autumn

(With the help of others)



dVerse:prompt Train

Train Going No Where
Thoughts linked together
Chugging down the track
Clickity Clack/ Clickity Clack

Light into dark and back again
Sun Breaks Through thick clouds
Bright mood sustained
Clickity Clack/ Clickity Clack

Soft kitten
Sits by the door
Asks to come in
Clickity Clack/ Clickity Clack

End of day
Consumed by your gaze
Rocked by your words
Safe in your arms
Clickity Clack/Clickity Clack