Far from the surf – a lacy edge – pink within


The one that called this shell home

Is nowhere in sight

The shell has lain in limbo

For at least one thousand years

Waiting for the next wave

To come ashore


Images of great butts

Mountains and mesas

Homes carved into

Canyon walls

Pit-houses into hills

Provide a safe place to play


The sky an open space

Clear blue

Clouds form abstractions

Three hundred sixty degrees

Thunder rattles…

Death rattles…


The snake rattles

As she slithers under rocks

Safe from the sizzling sun

Fresh white sheets

Folded into neat piles

The edges as sharp as blades

The ring she wears

Sparkles in the setting sun


Hot winds blow

You gasp for breath

The wind chimes sound

Dust devils form

The desert can be a bitter pill



24 thoughts on “THE SHELL FOUND ON THE DESERT FLOOR/the sunday whirl wordle #357/ poets united

  1. I love that, too. The unexpected shell, waiting for the next wave which may come in a few thousand years. I have often marvelled at shells in the forest, carried there by birds……..very cool.

  2. I can think of pills more bitter than the desert. The death of a loved one, for example.

  3. I love your vignettes of desert life, little snapshots of living.

    I wonder if that (next) wave will come sooner than we think, as we rush forward, destroying our world in the process…

    Anna :o]

  4. kaykuala

    The shell has lain in limbo
    For at least one thousand years
    Waiting for the next wave

    Things seemed to be static in the desert, reduced movements except for the ever changing patterns of the sand dunes!


  5. What a feast for the imagination! I once found shells at a great height some way inland, in deserted country in Australia’s far north. Fascinating to realise this had once been the sea bed.

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