The sun and the moon

The world outside

The cosmos too

Let’s say


A jacket green jacket

With the words

“I Really Don’t Care Do You”

On the back

The words are simple

Not hard to understand


Care about what, you ask

And I answer

What does matter after all

When they tell us

Who they are

Believe them


June 24, 2018



4 thoughts on “WHAT DOES MATTER AFTER ALL/imaginary gardens with real toads tuesday platform

  1. When they tell us who they are, believe them. And yet so many people refuse to hear them, believe a delusion. This is a beautiful poem. I especially like what is truly important – the sun and moon, the cosmos, the world…….truth.

  2. I tend to talk to a lot of people but never ask them who they are, we usually are both aware that is not important but the fact we are friendly and making conversation is.

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