RAINY DAY AT THE BOOKSTORE/the sunday whirligig


While waiting for the rain to stop
I run my finger along spines
Of books on shelves
Books are my friends
Some are new friends
And some are old

I look forward to the day
We meet again
I pick you up
The read begins
The whole story
Unknown to the reader
Until the end
Final word

Last page of the book
Or last page of a life
So much happens
In each life
From beginning
To end
You are the book
I am the reader

Your adventures are mine
And mine are yours”
I want to know the how
Or why of you
What makes you tick
Like the clock on the mantel
A dark metal
With an angel hovering at the top
You are my lucky find
Waiting for the rain to stop


June 10, 2018


THE YEARS PASS/the sunday whirl #355 –poets united


The years pass
Without a word
No instructions
Simply pass
One after the other
Usually, before I get to know thee
You are gone
Just a number on the calendar
Crossed off

Spirit-dog stands at my side
My companion
He warns bears not to come
Into the yard
To keep a sacred distance

Each day I dig the hole
A little progress daily
A hole in the earth
Just my size
Wrapped in
White linens
A final resting place

The morning still and quiet
I listen for that sound unusual
Never knowing the words needed
To say my say
To sing my song

I spread them all out
I scatter the black words
Across the white paper
A murder of crows

I am writing about you
My every act
My breathe
Searches empty spaces
I find you there
Nestled inbetween

June 10, 2018