THE GOOD OLD USA/sunday’s whirligig #166


The morning is a wonder
The heavens opened
The rain came at last
The whole world smiles

There is much rejoicing
Some arroyos were full
The road remained passable
Travel continues

Tucked into your shirt pocket
Years of waiting
Dark clouds form over the mesa
The high surf is only a memory

What of greatness
Can a country defy it’s actions
I hear politicians say
“We are better than this”

I say, “this is who we are”
We are not better
We are known by our actions
How we treat the least of us

The homeless
The young
The weak
The sick
The old
The poor
The hungry
Fly your flag
Be proud
“This is who we are”

June 17, 2018









FATHER’S DAY 2018/ the sunday whirl world 356 — Poets United



It’s Father’s Day


Who takes children away

Who separates families

Tell them to return the children


No time to fiddle while Rome burns

Fire the last shot

The hour is late

From the tower I can see

More are coming


Fleeing from harm

Fleeing for their lives

In search of safety

Who treats families like animals

Who puts children in cages


Draw your last breath

Call home

Tell them where you are

Tell them you are not alone

Tell them you will pass safely

They will say

Honey, I was worried

But you are safe now

You are in the USA


June 17, 2018


Wordle 356  tell, alone, fiddle, shot, late, tower, treat, pass, harm, breath, call, honey