WILDFIRES IN EARLY SUMMER/imaginary gardens with real toads



Life goes on as it will

Like the river

That runs through the heart

Sometimes the water level

Is low

And sometimes it is high

We have to rush to keep up


For if we do not

We will never catch up

The river moves on

Toward the sea

It is said, “We never step

Into the same river twice”


The flow of water

Comes from the mountains

In spring when the snow melts

The water levels are high

Water rushes down

Fills the river to over flowing

Life is like that

And sometimes the gifts of life

Are overflowing


End of summer

The river dries out

Fish caught in pools

Wait for the rains to come

It is all a cycle

Like the wheel on your bike

Turning round and round


It is early summer now

Wildfires blaze

Smoke fills our little corner of the world

The scene is like the pictures of China

Mountains lost and found

In smoky  atmosphere


June 2, 1018









If you had asked

I never thought

I would be the one

To celebrate your leaving

And yet…

Each year about this time

I remember clearly

A film cycles in my mind

A sunny day in June

The scent of honeysuckle

Your chair empty


June 19, 2018


So get on your bike, fire up your cyclometer and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title), including the word cycle.

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