Life goes on as it will

Like the river

That runs through the heart

Sometimes the water level

Is low

And sometimes it is high

We have to rush to keep up


For if we do not

We will never catch up

The river moves on

Toward the sea

It is said, “We never step

Into the same river twice”


The flow of water

Comes from the mountains

In spring when the snow melts

The water levels are high

Water rushes down

Fills the river to over flowing

Life is like that

And sometimes the gifts of life

Are overflowing


End of summer

The river dries out

Fish caught in pools

Wait for the rains to come

It is all a cycle

Like the wheel on your bike

Turning round and round


It is early summer now

Wildfires blaze

Smoke fills our little corner of the world

The scene is like the pictures of China

Mountains lost and found

In smoky  atmosphere


June 2, 1018







16 thoughts on “WILDFIRES IN EARLY SUMMER/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. Wildfires are the part of summer I worry most about. Each summer now is the hottest on record………I love your description of the river, moving so forcefully on its projected path. I do love rivers.

  2. Wild fires are so frightening. Your description of the river is spot on. I love how your river moved on its path regardless of fear or fires. Lovely and powerful.

  3. What great imagery you show in this Annell. It took me back to my childhood spending hours by and in the river not far from us where we lived. It was as though seeing life in and around it was an education in itself with nature’s cycle teaching us as much or more than we were taught at school.

  4. Wildfires wouldn’t make for a poetry theme with me but you did well. We have quite a few wildfires in Texas but they don’t get the publicity that other states’ burning praries and forests do. We lose homes and 10’s and 100’s of thousands of acres burn. One year the front lingered near our home coming from several directions. Kind of scary.

    1. Can we not say anything in a poem? When I was young, (it seems so long ago…and was) there was a fire on the ridge, and we watched as it burned several houses, and came to ours, it burned the large two story garage, but stopped and didn’t burn our house…it seems all fire is scary. Thanks for your comment, Jim.


  5. kaykuala

    We have to rush to keep up
    For if we do not
    We will never catch up
    The river moves on

    Remaining static is being regressive. Yes, one must move in tandem just to keep up. Wise observation annell!


  6. I can see the haze over distant hills in my mind’s eye, as your words mention China, thanks to a BBC TV documentary which filmed them most beautifully, but showed no Wild Fires for comparison; that you managed to do most beautifully. ♥

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