We have elected a person

To “lead” us that

Shows us the worst of us

No, not unusual

He lies and cheats

He follows all

Self-serving endeavors

Lacks compassion

Isn’t very smart

Knows nothing of history

When things don’t go as planned

Always blames someone else



He has a large head

Which appears to be empty

Has no heart

An empty vessel

His reign like

King George

Can I say it will be OK…

I think he will take himself down

With the weight

Of his ignorance

I’m mad

Who would use children

Hold them hostage

He thinks

This is a good issue for him

The sun rises in the morning

To light the world

But, this is a dark time for our country

June 20, 2018


16 thoughts on “WHAT IS IT TO BE HUMAN/poets united midweek motif/human

  1. If he is the prime example of what it means to be human, we are in big trouble, indeed. I hope he is the turning point, when what is a more compassionate humanity again takes sway. Maybe a child must lead. So scary! Very well expressed in your poem!.

    1. Susan I did say, the “worst of us,” but, “what is humanly possible, is possible to us all.” I am heartsick. Thanks for your comment and hopefully the children will show us the way. I am haunted by the cries of children.


  2. I’m glad that now everyone can see that the emperor is naked. Funny, Trump was my first-ever blog post in ‘The Emperor has No Clothes’. God help us all! You said it well.

    1. Yes, they are far wiser than we. I heard it said this morning on TV exactly why people like him. I think I have read versions of it before, but this was so clear. And it is about people who have a bit of resentment toward society, people who are afraid, people who think they way of life is threatened. It made me feel a little more compassion toward them, the poor dear dumb male white folks. Thanks so much for your delightful comment.


  3. This is what is on my mind right now too and I am not sure how to find words for it. Maybe you have done it for me. He likely figures he can use the children’s distress to force the Democrats to build his stupid wall. I’d like to put HIM inside a wall and close it right up.

    1. Which each think he does, I ask myself, is this what you expected, or worse? And usually the answer is worse. Thanks for your comment, always thoughtful and wise.


  4. I wrote a poem on the same subject. I do think he is the worst example of humanity…. The ‘weight of his ignorance’ is unbelievable. He does think it is a good issue for him. Anything to somehow gain the support of his base. I also think this issue detracts from attention given to Mueller’s investigation. He considers it a win!

  5. It’s not just a maddening scenario anymore. It is becoming a scary time for our citizens. I hope you are right that he will take himself down. I have images in my head that he will refuse to leave at all.

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