Sunday Whirl  #59

New Mexico Thunderstorm

At the edge of the desert

You stand at the beginning

As you look at the horizon

You recognize the glow

You have seen it before

You crouch as if

To see it more clearly

Lightening burst across the sky

The world is split around you

There is a crash of thunder

Again like a chisel

Splitting the world

On one side you are whole

On the other

Your heart is pierced

And yet still beats

You crumple to the desert floor

And realize you are

Bloody and bruised

You draw all of your strength

To stand again

To begin again

At the edge of the desert

A wildfire burns

Note: Today a wildfire still burns in the south, the largest in New Mexico history, started by lightening.  The wind has it out of control.  It is said, it can be seen from space.

24 thoughts on “June 3, 2012 Sunday Whirl #59

  1. A place of danger..electricity..fire..and most of all life..at the edge of the desert..(hope it is not too near to you however)..jae x

  2. But for the fire, the storm imagery is stunning. I love what you’ve done here, Annell. It could be a rough year for us in Montana for fires this year. Last year was so wet, and now… Be safe. I’m envisioning safety for the critters and humans impacted by fire seasons.

  3. I love fire. And I really love storms. But, even knowing this is a good and necessary part of nature’s cycle [to include us, when I think about it], I hope the fire doesn’t draw too close. The words fit so well.

  4. One can feel the storm through your words. I love the closing lines: at the edge of the desert a wildfire burns. Such power in a wildfire – frightening yet rather awe-inspiring.

  5. A strong write, Annell, a powerful metaphor for the struggles of life. I pray the wildfire doesn’t get too close to you and that it is extinguished soon.

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