June 1, 2013 Sunday Whirl #111 Deep in the Bones/Prompt: http://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com

Sunday Whirl  #111

vault, halls, swirl, crave, throat, wind, limbs, nimble, prairie, rapture, train, each


Deep in the Bones
You have raided the vault
For the personal/universal
A plethora of images
Memory swirls with time
Deck the halls

Breath caught in throat
Wind knocked from lungs
Limbs useless
Like an insect
Trapped in your web
Skillfully woven

A magician
A wizard
A seer
Nimble in your ability
To explore past and present
Piece together
What is visible
Then imperceptible

Perhaps a surgeon
Who opens the viewer
And draws out from the bone
What is not known
Or consciously remembered

Ride the train
Across open prairie
Each image fading
As it appears

The viewer
Craves to know
What is behind each image
Why was it chosen
What is this about

Is in rapture
As he fills in the blanks
Tells his story
Minds his own memory
The story of man
Hidden deep in the bones

Note: Yesterday after a long day in the studio. The sun still shining, the wind howling like a banshie, I found in the mailbox, and catalogue from Glen Skien, about his show Mytho-poetic. His work is stunning. And I want you to know about him.  A rare and authentic artist! He has a blog:http://silentparrotpress.blogspot.com/2013/05/mytho-poetic-catalogue.html You can google Glen Skien for images.




The Yellow Flowerpot

I lie on my back

Curled into the bottom

Of the yellow flower pot

How long have I been lying here

I cannot say

As my brain quit

The minute I died

And left the scene

My body dried

I lie upside down in

A yellow flower pot

When living

I lead a secret life

Stealth was my trade

So good at my job

No one noticed

When I dropped

Into the pot

And died

Without a sound

Lying on my back

Curled in the bottom

Of the yellow flower pot

May 26, 2013 Wordle : http://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com


naked, sylph, underground, depart, light, somatic, passing, tather, entice, seamless



She a naked sylph

Tathered for too long

Held against her will

Althought not underground

She was buried alive

No one passing by suspected

No one knew

No one saw

The light under the door

Should have been the clue

She lived a life

Of seamless horror

One of restraints and crulty

Every somatic pain was hers

She longed for freedom

For home

It was not

Her intention to entice

If the captor

Let down his guard

She would depart

And one day

That very thing happened

After ten long years

She was free!

March 30, 2013 Sunday Whirl #102 Saturday Bird Songs


Saturday Bird Songs
Silently Lost behind the
Western most peak
On the horizon
Early Morning moon
All is still
Except for
A cacophony of bird song

A woman has written
Words like petals
Colorful and sweet
The monitor glows
Her staff the Keyboard

Years ago her home
Was a pit house
Foundation of stone
Her touchstone
A warrior/hunter
Man she loved

Now many generations later
She calls to her former self
Her own Grandmother
Of long ago
Locks her eyes upon
The horizon
Watches for a dust devil
To rise the powdered dust
From the desert floor

After awhile
Her eyes return
To the monitor
Her fingers to the keys
Sprinkle more petals
On the page
To be sung in
Saturday morning key

March 17, 2013 Sunday Whirl #100

The Callin’
It happened out back
Behind the summer kitchen
A cold wind from the North
Screamed like a Banshie
I heard my name
Some say
It was a “callin'”

To hear the call
Understand the meaning
The goal is to master the task

Faint words blow across the mesa
An invitation to create
To grow
To stretch
To share

The journey will be lonely
If you catch that train
Destination unknown
You will visit places
Walk streets
Beyond dreams

The seasons change
Mark time
The river crests
The passing years
Cast on the wind
You may keep nothing
For nothing is promised
You will march to your death
Head held high
And you will die

In the end
When asked
You will say
It was all worth it

Note: Congratulations and happy one hundred wordles!


Sunday March 3, 2013 Wordle #98

blue, blessed, deserves, first, gasps, instant,

slap, snare, dust, unbalance, ride, wings


(Image from the internet)

Blue Grows in my Garden
Blue is the color of my heart
Beaten, bruised, beating still
You bless me
And I ask you not
Your blessing becomes
A burden I have not asked for…
Who deserves the blessing
You offer

First in line
First in kindness
First in money
Number one…
Who deserves the blessing
You offer

I look in the mirror
I gasp
Where have all the flowers gone
The days
The hours
The minutes…
Who deserves the blessing
You offer

It seems to have happened
In an instant
Like the crisp sound of a slap
The snare is set in the dust
Without warning
Spread my wings
Ready to fly
I am caught in your trap
Who deserves the blessing
You offer

Who deserves to ride

February 9, 2013 Sunday Whirl

Wordle #95

court, rare, open, bathe, plume, coral,
ball, term, bottle, incident, thread, dry
(Image from the internet)

Another Day Neil Went Away

There was another incident
Another day he went away
He searched for a place
Where he was not there
Unlike the final time…
There was always the possibility
He would return

I don’t remember the words spoken
Just that he went away…
The hour was late
The bare branches of the winter trees
Traced patterns of lace
Against the plume and coral sky

The court was empty
The jester gone
Packed his bottle
And his ball
Hit the open road
Took his struggle
Out of sight
As was only right

Between then and now
He would not know
A dry day
Unless in jail
Killed himself
In that slow way
People do
Who are
Addicted to the drink

It seemed
He could have bathed
His past away
But he did what he did
And could not have done

He served his term
On earth
A tortured soul
And yet the rare
Treasure he was
He could not see

He followed the thread
That was his own
Surrounded by love
He did not know
Or could not accept
A lonely man indeed

Spring will come
The weather will be warmer
At last
He’ll get his wish
He won’t be there

Note: Today I write again about my friend Neil. With sadness I am thinking of the other times he left. His was a sad story but not unique. There are some things that just can not be fixed. Today I will light a candle for him.

January 20, 2013 Sunday Whirl #92


Image from the internet

charge, art, knocks, filaments, cell, sticky,

pearls, bone,  linen, air, beware, skin, call

When the Muse Comes to Call

From afar I heard the call

A charge to keep

She knocked upon my door

Filaments of her hair

Every color of the rainbow

Her skin glowed in the morning air

Dressed in linen

Voice like pearls

Every cell in my body responded

In the depth of my bones

Her words are written

She is with me daily

She rules the practice of art

Beware her message is sticky

You will not be able to put it down

Note:  Every artist has her muse.  I imagine my muse brings colors, and her clothes are covered with patterns.

Saturday January 12, 2013 Sunday Whirl 91

burden, bends, drunk, poetry, virtue, palace,
ditch, diminishing, wish, breaks, room, steps

The Studio Visit

You step into the room
Dressed in black
Head to toe
Return from the north
Come in from the cold
Gratefully mention
The virtue of warmth

It is no palace
Only a simple studio
A place of creativity
As we review the work
The hour bends
We are drunk with images

Take a break…

Quietly we sit
And sip our tea
Our knees touch
Diminishing the distance
Between us
You have traveled far
While I am here working
We are not the same
As we were in May
We speak of
“The Clock”
Of time

The images
Like poetry
With ties to the past
Express wishes
As if they have
Been here forever waiting
While some are ditched
Others are praised
And yet…
Many images seen for
The first time

December 28, 2012 Sunday Whirl #89

IMG_7529The Landscape of My Mind

Each day begins a new
The sun rises above the mountain
Promises delivered to a new world
Yet each day ends
Spectacular sunset
World in flame

Year’s end lies
In tangent with the
Beginning of the newyear
Endings and beginnings
The perfect pair
The work of the old year
Folded away
Neatly labeled
A completion of sorts
Or perhaps just a link in the chain

On winter’s night
The Rio Pueblo
The creek in the woods
Settles in for a winter’s nap
Blanketed with ice and snow
Reflects sparkle of stars
Named for ancestors

Wishes, hopes, and desires are kneaded
Into the bread of a newyear
Against adversity
The perfect loaf formed
The path will be strewn with missteps
No need to brood
The point of faith is fixed
POP! A new year is here

Note:  against, creek, ice, deliver, pop, point, tangent, flame, stars, knead, brood, strewn

As I looked closely at the photograph I had chosen for the piece, I realized it was taken several years ago.

The Little Tree
The little tree stands
Leafless in the corner
Of the courtyard
The village beyond

It is morning
The sky ablaze announcing
The sun

A white blanket of snow
Covers the ground
What sleeps beneath
Prepares for spring

I look closely
I realize
There is no tree
In that corner

The picture I see
Exists only in my mind’s eye

The tree was removed
After the furry kitty
Lost an eye
Because of the stickers

The little tree
A red plum
I will always see
Stand before the deep blue mountain
In memory of you

Sunday December 23, 2011 Wordle

rapid, spacious, enigma, clench, spasm, burst,
insistent, hurl, seemed, rustle, rare, through
Secrets of the Heart
Passage of time is rapid
Spacious my heart
An enigma written there
Unclench the protective cover
A spasm felt
Insistent words
Burst forth
Meaning hurled
 A rare rustle heard
Along the edge
Through the willow
It seemed time was standing still
And yet…
Another year passes
Note:  The sun is still sleeping behind Taos Mountain in darkness, yet somehow I feel the passage of time… am witness to the faithfullness of the earth, our Mother.  The world didn’t end yesterday, only another beginning.