Memory of Southern Still Life

Open the window

In floats the heavy sweet scent

Of magnolia and jasmine

The memory scraps

A part of the montage

That was my first life

Ample and flawed

Demons like insects

Trapped in amber

Chiseled in granite

“Still Life”

My domain was bracketed

By the whistle from the train

Lonely sound

Heard each evening

Just about sunset

21 thoughts on “Sunday June 24, 2012 Sunday Whirl #62

  1. This wordle flows so naturally!!! Well done Annell!!!

    I enjoy the juxtaposition that lies in this sentence:

    “A part of the montage

    That was my first life

    Ample and flawed”

    Very nice!!

  2. I felt some nostalgia in your piece, Annell. The train imagery is lovely, and the read engaging. Glad you are among us again this week. 🙂

  3. Maybe there is something a little stuck..lingering and heavy like jasmine..even though the train slides by everyday at sunset..but maybe you got on that train too..Jae

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