June 30, 2013 Sunday Whirl


Ruby’s Farewell Song
(Ruby Estes 1920 – 2013, Grandlake, Colorado)
At the service
Under a tent of blue
Color of the lake and sky

In a place that once was wild
On a hill over looking
The town
A favorite picnic spot for bears
Before the people came
They are gone now, too

Friends and family gathered
To say goodbye

A bird in flight caught my eye
At the edge of tent and sky
Flitting and dancing
I looked again
It wasn’t a bird at all
Instead a butterfly
As big as my hand
Yellow and black
Bridge between
Life and death
It seemed to know…
Waved farewell
With graceful wing

A rock was placed
This was no retreat
Simply the end
Of a long paved road
No longer stable

A bend in the road…
Your tiny feet took
The other path
Followed the lane
Through the meadow
Into the wood
In search of an island
You could call your own
With the people that you know
You turned and waved
And whispered
“Remember Me”

Note: Sorry my “unstable” became “No longer stable,” sometimes it just works out that way. Still, a few words to remember a woman, strong as steel, who will be remembered by all who knew her. RIP Ruby Estes, Grand Lake, Colorado.




bird, bridge, unstable, wild, bend, rock,

retreat, bear, lane, fallen, meadow, island

May 28, 2013 Man of Sorrow





Man of Sorrow

Known by different names

An innocent was he

The world weighted heavy

Tried to balance it

On his broad shoulders

Like an explorer

He lived in his own

World of sadness

He studied it like a student

Under a magnifying glass

He discovered its’ secrets

He was an expert

On the subject

It hung around him

Like smoke

Began near the floor

Crept along the baseboards

Filled the room

Choked the breath

Yet sometimes he would

Flash a shy smile

Show his dimple

To his Mother’s delight

In an instant Like a blanket

Tossed and spread

Sadness returned

Buried him before
He was dead

When seen on the road

He was more down cast

Than his own shadow

Man of sorrow

He tried to “take it like a man”

(His Father’s words)

But he was sucked

Beneath the waves

An undertow

It seemed the clock was broken

The hour came too soon

No one can say for sure

What happened next

He went away

Off the path

More than

He could endure

Died of sadness

An extreme case

Lonely man indeed

Note:  Sorting through pictures, so reminded me of happier days.  It is hard to believe the “big bear” no longer walks among us.

April 30, 2013 A Simple Thing

A Simple Thing
The loss of a friend
A simple thing
One of the saddest
That can
Happen to a human heart
Breaks it in two

Sure death is bad
Really sad
Aw… but the loss of a friend
Who enriched your life
Leaves a hole
That cannot be filled
All the way to China

The loss a deep regret
I couldn’t be
The one you called friend
I’ll keep your memory
Miss you to the end of time

One of the saddest
Things that can
Happen to a human

Note: It’s happened to me, maybe happened to everyone. One you liked…loved and called your friend, has changed their mind. Doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, for whatever reason. Causes a heartbreak that cannot be fixed, another sadness, you will carry, cannot forget. We might ask, “Why do you want this friend, who does not want you?” There is no answer, only sadness.

March 24, 2013 Sunday Whirl #101 The Mystic


Sandra Kovacs was my friend and I will miss her.

The Mystic
We talked last night
And remembered
As the wind howled
The temperature dropped
A cold yesterday
There was no need to hurry

A woman spinning
Her warn
Casting shadows in
The bright sunlight
As the wind howled

You are of the trees
With your country mind
Disguised as a simple man
There will be an opportunity
To become a hero
Your destiny
Will be your choice
The temperature dropped

We all have wounds
Some of our own making
Some so deep
When we reach bottom
It is only the clear water
Of collected tears
Words forgotten
The idea remains
A cold yesterday

Across time she is remembered
Emotions stirred
Like sands in the hourglass
Slipping to fill the heart
A container like a glass jar
On a shelf
All is revealed
There was no need to hurry


February 7, 2013 dVerse One Day Neil Went Away



One Day Neil Went Away


Forewarned of his coming…

The speckled shoes

Gave him away


A flawed character


Grew up

In a small Texas town

A flawed beginning

His sorrow


With him


Loved color and paint

The smoke

The drink

…And Maggie


To see him on the road

Trudging to town

To buy the smokes

The drink

Eeyore came to mind

(Oh, where was Winnie the Pooh

When we needed him)


A giant of a man

Wise and wondrous

Dumb as a stump

Never disappointed

In his intellect


More often than not

Good as could be

Worthless to a fault


Heart of gold

Full of love

Tears often

Filled his eyes…

For you…

For me…

For all that he could see

Lived life in deep

Valley of sadness


Tried to change

His fate

Without luck

One day Neil

Went away


Note: In loveing memory of my friend, Neil.  He went away on Saturday, and is not expected to return.  I have selected an image of Taos Mountain, Neil loved Taos.










Tuesday January 1, 2013 dVerse

IMG_9424 Sunset

In the New Year

There are no extra days to spare

Each precious and rare

Do not let one pass

In the dark shadow

Of your longing

For what is not

Find the source of your joy

Feed it like

The fire in the hearth

Select each log

Lay it carefully

The flame will catch

Your joy will warm

And brighten every heart

Note:  Perhaps this is my New Years’ resolution.  I want to remember to be grateful for each day, and not waste a single one.

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 77 ~ Happy New Year!!

Sunday December 2, 2012 Sunday Whirl #85




Barbada’s Pink Sand Beach Photo Courtesy:

Antiqua & Barbuda Tourism

Was it an affair to remember
Or one to forget
The loss rendered me forlorn
Unable to find my way
Lost in desire
Manic the state
Between mood and the sunny day
There was a clash
Unable to to fuse the two
The roughhewn moon
Waxed and waned
A fork in the road
Caused confusion
The drive headed west
Unsure what I would find
Upon arrival
Or if I would know
I had arrived
I searched for the pink sand
Between your fingers


Saturday December 1, 2012 dVerse

dVerse: prompt  “I Miss You”



Missing You

Every breath

One of saddness

I breath in…out

I listen

I stare far away

To the horizon

Could it be…

Do I see you there

I breath in…out

I hear the music playing

Your favorite song

My eyes mist over

I breath in… out

I cannot distinguish time

Your leaving seems

A long time ago or

Like yesterday

I breath in… out

I am filled with my breath

When I breath out

I am surrounded by this sad breath

Which mixes with the sad breath of others

I breath in… out

Everyone missing someone