Sunday Whirl #55

Cinco de Mayo Moon

Honor the day

It was no chance glance

Into last night’s dark cobalt sky

You emerging upon the scene

Gently touching the guitar strings

The night was clear

Nothing separated us

Our hearts aligned

You winked at me

Set the hook

My heart vibrated in your glow

Sang your song

You imprinted your shiny face

On my heart

My feet moved to the music

You erased the day’s grind

Contrasted a new way

You are so much more

Than a tiny dot in

The Universe of stars

14 thoughts on “May 6, 2012 Sunday Whirl #55 Cinco de Mayo Moon

  1. A big star in the universe..not a tiny dot..I like that..I love the symmetry of numbers also 5/5..not that we celebrate the 5th May here..these words tripped and love..Jae

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