merge, project, activate, technology, unity, mantra,

smudge, sing, delicious, inquisitive, urge, stellar


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Quiet….The Mouse is Sleeping

Computer won’t work

Mouse is sleeping

Stay calm

Projects can wait

Activate all that you know

Technology over my head

 Merge the frustration

Unity of one with the other

Mantra said over and over

“The Buddha is calm, I am calm”

Take a deep breath

Sing a delicious song

Back to the computer store

For the third time

Inquisitive about

Why did it work yesterday

Won’t work today

Urge to kill

Then it decides to work

All is stellar again

Just a small smudge

On a perfectly wonderful

Spring day

Have learned nothing

But mouses need a little

Nap too

Writer’s Digest  Pad Challenge  NAPOWRITEMO

#6  For today’s prompt, write a post poem. Post could be short for post office–or traditional mail. Post could be a wood or metal post. Or post could mean relate to words like postpone, post-punk, or whatever.



The job is before you

It does not matter

What you did yesterday

It is your past

What have you done today

There are always mountains to climb

Things to clean

Love to give

Letters to post

Much to accomplish

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