April 2, 2013 dVerse Broken Pinata

#2 Prompt:  A poem about when your life was a train wreck.


(Image from the Internet)

Broken Pinata

Pinata breaks

Contents scattered

Across the floor

Burned and kept

In hopes of good luck



Traveled West

Walked the

Handrail of the

Rio Grand Gorge Bridge

Balanced the ashes

Took a deep breath

One foot in front of the other

April 2, 2013 National Poetry Month Pad Challenge a Poem a Day


Prompt: Write a bright poem or a dark poem

In the visual world
When the artist
Wishes the viewer to
See one thing
He must show the other
For the viewer knows

To show brightness
Dullness must be shown
A bright color used next
To a dull color
Will make the bright color
Look brighter

Until Matisse discovered
Dark could show light
Dark was always used
To show dark
The key is to show

In my own work
I am contrasting
Light to Dark
Bright to dull
Warm to cool
And back again

April 1, 2013 National Poetry Month Pad Challenge A Poem a Day

IMG_9391Poem a day:


Taos Valley
Spread out
Below the mesa
The houses like
Childrens blocks
Scattered in all directions

The morning quietly waits
The sky a pale blue
Delicate clouds on the horizon
Coyote fences along the road
Below ground
New growth unseen
Trembles with expectation

Travel the back roads
Welcome the unexpected
In the canyon
Where it is warmer
Some fruit trees
Welcome spring in full bloom