April 27, 2013 Sunday Whirl

Prompt: either, harrowing, marrow, grubs, thin, oath,
saw, guess, rare, march, borrow, transparent

My oath thin upon the wind
Like coyote’s howl
Just outside my window

I feel the sound harrowing
To the marrow of my bone
I can borrow no more time
Snug in my bed

I long to find the grubs
In the garden of my work
Spent in the court of

A rare and precious moment
All is transparent
The march to completion

Either I work now
Translate observation
Touch it with imagination
Or I guess…

Like the Coyote who sleeps late
This day will be lost forever


Note:  I have been reading May Sarton, Journal at Seventy.  During an interview, she was asked, “How is seventy different from sixty-five?   I don’t see much difference, except that time accelerates.  The days go past with frightful rapidity, and so do the years.  It is plain that I am not ready for old age!  But then time does not stand still in old age I fear.  On the contrary, from all reports it simply flies away, and that is what I am beginning to notice.”