April 24, 2013 Writer’s Digest NAPOWRITEMO PAD Challenge

I’ve been away…found it hard to follow the prompts…


“Had we but world enough, and time…” Andrew Marvell(first line of the Coy Mistress)

Upon investigation
Of my purse
“Time” I have not much
A pie chart would reveal
The most must go to business
And necessity
The last little bit
That flies around you and me
Is leisure time
Carefully spent
Not nearly enough
To pay the rent
But grateful am I
For time together
We discuss small things
Of the soul
And of the weather

April 25, 2013 Writer’s Digest Pad Challenge NAPOWRITEMO


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PROMPT:  Everyone ______


Toes sink into hot sand
Baked by the sun
Shell seekers
A chipped sand dollar
Grains of pink sand between fingers
Hot and scratchy
Sweat roles down into eyes
Seeking shells no easy task

Tiny shells upon my palm
Count them
One by one
A fan
A trumpet
A curlicue
Pink, rose, orange and white

Looking over
The sandy beach
Waves roll in
Wash the shore
One more shell
Completes the collection