March 4, 2013 No Escape/ dVerse #86


No Escape

The grey hangs heavy

As it shrouds the mountain

No sound or breath

A landscape suspended in amber

The storm is coming in

There is no escape

No open road

All is a locked door

No place to run

No place to hide

Finger nails scratch

Plead for way out









There is no escape

14 thoughts on “March 4, 2013 No Escape/ dVerse #86

  1. whew…as this cascades down the intensity increases…the scratching nails is a great touch….there are some storms, even death, we can not outrun…we are set to get a big one tonight….

  2. You turn the tables. We all know that death can not be escaped, but don’t think of life in the same fashion. There is no escape for whatever comes our way, although acceptance does help, it is often a hard won victory just finding it in some circumstances. And even then, it might not ‘feel’ like a victory and looks far more like resignation. Intense write, Annell, with a great deal to think about,


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